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• Wednesday 19th Nov 2014
Hedgespoken is a travelling off-grid theatre project based in Devon, UK. 

Help the brilliant Tom Hirons and Rima Staines turn a beautiful old Bedford RL truck into a spectacular venue for starlit storytellings, vagabond puppet circus and far more. 

Full details can be found on their Hedgespoken crowdfunder page. But don't hang around, they only have 12 days of fundraising left!

If you are as excited about this project as we are, then please do pass on their film  link to anyone who you think would appreciate it.: 

Rima and Tom need to raise an estimated £25,000 in total to make this vision become a reality, and they cannot do it alone. This is where you get to play a part in their unfolding story by pledging what you can to make this dream happen, and by sharing this campaign far and wide! It is very exciting to think about the possibilities of a project like this being funded by the people to whom it will mean the most - the true grass-roots pledgers! 

This dream is being made out of lots of small donations from lots of people who believe in this magic as much as we do!

In fact, the wondrous Amelias Mag have even featured an interview with Tom and Rima. Follow this interview link to hear them speak about the inspirations and influences behind their project.

London's Litro Magazine Reviews Time:
'An ambitious collection of short fiction, poetry and art, Lazy Gramophone's Time dresses up genre-bending experimentalism in cinemascope, projecting it backwards and upside-down.'
Read the full piece here.

Sabotage Magazine Review Time

• Sunday 4th Aug 2013
"Time is a fascinating collection littered with not only wonderful literature but also fabulous illustrations that ultimately make it a credit to any book-lover's shelves."

Sabotage Magazine have written a wonderful review of our latest publication Time. Read the full article here.

Annexe Magazine Review Time

• Wednesday 17th Jul 2013
Annexe Magazine is a group of not so like-minded people, all with a love of story telling. They hope to create a place, both online and in print, in publication and in performance, where writing can thrive

"Lazy Gramophone's anthology Time lives up to the high bar it sets for itself."

."Most books try to create a story within a world. Time has attempted, and succeeded in, crafting an entire world around a story. No small feat!"

Musa Okwonga interviews Sam Rawlings about our latest publication, Time. 

Mat Lloyd talks to Rooms Magazine about spoken word, music, influences, Lazy Gramophone and Time.

Rooms Magazine Features Time

• Thursday 6th Jun 2013
We are very happy to announce that the ever brilliant Rooms Magazine have written a feature on our upcoming book, Time:

'Time is a treasure box brimming with creativity and fresh talent.' ~ Rooms Magazine.

You can read the full article here

The Scrimstone Circus Gospel

• Monday 3rd Jun 2013
Rima Staines talks Time in her extraordinary blog, The Hermitage.

Fabric Magazine Review Time

• Sunday 2nd Jun 2013
Fabric Magazine have written a wonderful review of our latest publication, Time:

'...we'll bet you've never seen time as it's portrayed in this stunning new publication.' ~ Fabric Magazine.

You can read the full review here  (p.39)
The Time book launch is set to take place in The Drink Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX, on Sunday 26th May 2013 from 15:30 - 23:00

Time Book Launch

• Saturday 1st Jun 2013
The Time book launch is to be held at London's The Drink Shop and Do on Sunday 26th May from 15:30 to 23:00. The Event is to be Free Entry. There will be a Gallery Display of images & text from the book, while the Lazy Gramophone Stall will be selling First Edition Copies of Time as well as various other works produced by our writers and artists. If you choose to stay with us all day then you will be treated to a number of Performances By the Book's Contributors (see timings below); though should you find yourself otherwise engaged, do feel free to drop by at any point during the day - even if only to have say hi, catch a performance and share a quick drink.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

About the Time Project.

Time is a vast collaborative book project containing short stories, poems and artwork by fifty-five contributors. Since the project's inception, the idea has been to create an environment where independent writers and artists could come together in order to share their work. The result of this endeavour is a collection of stories, images and poems based around the theme of time, its pages placing particular focus upon the relationship between words and pictures. By sharing in this way we hope to inspire each other as well as those around us, to draw a diverse audience and so help to illuminate the work of alternative artists and writers everywhere.

Buy Time, by Kirsty Allison

• Saturday 1st Jun 2013
Kirsty Allison blogs about our Time project.

Time now available for pre-order

• Sunday 14th Apr 2013
Time now available for pre-order! Orders will be dispatched on 28th May.

Counting Down to the Release of Time

• Saturday 13th Apr 2013
Check in on the Lazy Gramophone clock, its hands diligently counting down to the release of our latest collaborative project: Time.

Curious Makers Time Shout-Out

• Thursday 31st Jan 2013
A big thank you to Curious Makers for their recent article about the Time Project.

The Article can be read here.

Curious Makers was set up to showcase the work of a makeshift collective of creative bods through various events, exhibitions and workshops.

Letter Pressed Valentines card

• Monday 28th Jan 2013
Celebrate your love with serious style this valentines day. Our valentines cards are letter pressed in a mottled ox-blood red ink using a vintage 72pt wooden U, then blind pressed (no ink) with 24pt Garamond metal type and then a neat little heart is dry embossed into the bottom right corner. Not as sleek and perfect as anything you'd find in Clintons, but absolutely gorgeous, tactile and unique!

Time: coming soon

• Sunday 23rd Dec 2012
Time: our latest collaborative publication. Book synopsis and teaser images. Due to be launched/published April 2013. More details to follow soon.

New Christmas cards on sale

• Sunday 11th Nov 2012
Our new 2012 Christmas cards on sale now from our online shop.

DITCH#8 Arts &Cuture Radio Show

• Monday 5th Nov 2012

Lazy Gramophone Poet Eliza Gregory talks about our up and coming Time Project and reads some of her work. She also discusses the vocals she recorded with Necro Deathmort of  Distraction Records. You can tune into Eliza by skipping to 38 minutes, after the Bo Ningen Interview. But by all means listen to the whole show, it's a real corker.

DITCH #8, is an Arts & Culture Radio show produced and presented by Nia, Tom du Croz & Pearl Wise, with guests Ana Xavier & Nico. This week features an interview with play-write Nadia Latif who has her current play on at the Arcola Theatre, Nico catches the band Bo Ningen at Rough Trade, poet Eliza Gregory joins us in the studio and reads some of her work and Paul Drury tells us about Movemeber and The Jewish Film Festival.

A small but oh so significant feature in the globally recognised Reading Chronicle.

The Concert Experience

• Wednesday 17th Oct 2012
A new project from the The Royal Philharmonic Society

As part of the Notes into Letters programme, creative-writing students (including Lazy Gramophone Writer Eliza Gregory) were asked to attend some concerts and then write a piece of creative writing based on their experiences.

Follow the news link to find out more...

LG Press at Bookface in Reading

• Sunday 14th Oct 2012
Come and see us and loads of other great small presses and artists at the Bookface event in Reading.

Missed the WCTOI Launch?

• Tuesday 4th Sep 2012
Missed the book launch of "Will Conway Tastes of Ink"? Want to be lulled to... somewhere by Will's voice, then listen here. Kindly recorded by Laurence Conway

Time teaser

• Friday 20th Jul 2012
A short trailer showing some of the illustrations, and the intro of the centre story.


• Sunday 27th May 2012
"After five years as 'London's premier spoken word night' Poejazzi relaunches with a new website, a series of apps and exciting visual collaborations."

Old friend of LG Josh Idehen hosting possibly the best spoken word/live music events in London town.

"To celebrate, we are returning to C.A.M.P with one of its finest lineups ever: WahWah45′s own Adam Scrimshire will be performing a full live band rendition of his critically acclaimed 2011 album 'The Hollow.' He is joined by Shakka- possibly the most exciting UK artist in recent years, and Cinematic Orchestra's Heidi Vogel. On the Spoken Word front, we're bringing you the quick witted, sharp eyed and humorous Alex Gwyther, and the Poetic Soundsystem brilliance that is The Insomniax."

Piss Factory

• Sunday 27th May 2012
Poetry, stories and noise at This IS DIY
- Lazy Gramophone Poets Eliza Gregory, Adam Green, and Will Conway
- AF Harrold
- Snack Family

Where and When:
Thursday 21st June, 19:00 - 22:30
This is DIY at The Biscuit Factory, Drummond Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG
Piss Factory Facebook Page


• Thursday 24th May 2012
It's about "time"   #TimeProject

Rooms Mag Photo comp

• Sunday 13th May 2012
"Calling all photographers! Supremebeing is awarding the best photo entry with a £150 voucher to spend in their online-shop.Winning photo will be published in our next issue of Rooms!"


• Saturday 28th Apr 2012
Lazy Gramophone writer and artist Zoe Catherine Kendall has several events and projects in the pipeline. The first of these will be the Fabelist Stand and performances happening at the Other Art Fair in May.

For More information click the links below:

Launch Event
(in which Zoe will be perfoming spoken word to musical accompanyment).

The Main Event

The Other Art Fair Website

Latest Rooms Mag out!

• Sunday 22nd Apr 2012
Latest issue of the fantastic Rooms Magazine available now as a download or physical copy from

New Artist: Lee Holland

• Sunday 8th Apr 2012
"I am an illustrator- i love drawing pictures and cant stop!

I am obsessed with music and illustration only, this is all."

Thoughts From a Male Feminist

• Friday 6th Apr 2012
"I wrote an article for Vagenda - they came up with the title though - enjoy"~ Will Conway.

Rooms Mag latest issue

• Monday 23rd Jan 2012
A seriously good reading and viewing experience to be had right here. Peoples at Rooms are keeping up a great level of content in each issue. 

Valentines Cards ♥♥♥

• Sunday 22nd Jan 2012
New letter pressed valentines card available for purchase! Limited edition of 25.

Candid arts trust

• Saturday 21st Jan 2012
Lazy Gramophone will be represented at the Art Below art fair at the Candid arts trust this Saturday 21st January.Entry is free to the public. 10 am - 6pm, Thursday to Saturday. 10 am - 4pm on Sunday.@ The Candid Arts Centre3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ Nr. Angel Tube, Northern line.
Read more here

Claudia Forsbrey Art Cards

• Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011
The latest addition to our art card series, Claudia Forsbrey, is one of our favourite artists at the moment. Usually stunning us with her augmented-reality imagery, this set features examples of her geometric pattern-making, evoking the abstract representations of traditional South American art.  

Christmas Cards

• Monday 21st Nov 2011
Milega designed found-type Christmas cards on sale now!

Swansongs by Sorana Santos

• Thursday 10th Nov 2011
Sorana Sontos' next solo EP is officially released independently on Friday - 11.11.11 Visit her bandcamp page for more information.

Art Card Series updated

• Wednesday 2nd Nov 2011
More cards added to our new art card series, from Jake Ellis and Milega.

Post Apocalypse

• Tuesday 25th Oct 2011
A journey into the post apocalypse of an alternate anachronistic projection to a post human destruction. What would happen if the human world suddenly ended in the 30′s? How would the world look now, would anything survive? Post Apocalypse is an exploration of that question. Humans are gone, destroyed by nuclear or biological hubris. The world that's left is smoky and ruinous. This is an alternate future containing creatures evolving into a stylised world suddenly found empty. A story of survival, hyper evolution, mutation, glorious gas masks and deco punk themes. 
KAITLIN BECKETT...Mechanical walkers driven by masked creatures walk under a glowing sky, jars are lined up to collect precious liquids and overlapping armour plates wrap around smoking viscera. The poisonous air has necessitated quick adaptations.
ARAMAS...In a world suddenly devoid of human, animals have undergone a hyper evolution. Forced to adapt to a ruined world. The results are animals new to consciousness, struggling to make sense of this strange world, the history that created it, and the future they now have to deal with. There's new religion, old animosities, and a very human sense of curiosity and confusion. I see the bears of this world as the alternative to humans. Inheriting a past that they're trying to understand, with some very strange results. 
Rancho Notorious       25th October to the 7th of November
Opening night on Thursday the 27th of October, 6-9pm

Visit: for more info

October Newsletter

• Monday 24th Oct 2011
Read all about it! Lazy Gramophone October newsletter!
To receive our newsletter straight to your inbox, subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our home page.

Art Card Series: Mina Milk

• Saturday 22nd Oct 2011
The series continues with the addition Mina Milks illustrations...

Our new series of sumptuously printed Giclée art prints. We will be adding to the range as time goes on. These prints are not limited editions, but will not be around for ever!

Green Dobermans On Sale

• Monday 10th Oct 2011
Green Dobermans now on sale from our online shop.

VESSEL: Exhibition

• Sunday 9th Oct 2011
CURATED BY CARL SLATER & GLEN JOHNSTON Sited within a disused industrial space in Stonehouse, Plymouth, Vessel is a gathering of contemporary artworks showcasing the work of seventeen international artists that focuses on the particulars of their postindustrial location in its physical, socio-cultural and economic contexts. Placed between the logic of the building's architecture and the city's rich history, this is an exhibition that investigates site-specificity and the means to artistic intervention. Acting as footnotes against the backdrop of Plymouth, Vessel reveals itself as a temporal structure in a display in memory of the site and a reflective commentary of the area's historical value and contemporary redevelopment.  Housing works of installation, film, performance, photography and sculpture, it is not the architecture that forms the focus, but the ambiguous authority of the works within it. The understanding of the temporal and dynamic character of Stonehouse's landscape and the expectations of the site itself is paramount to the reception of these works. The commissioning of this derelict space is where the vessel is the ship, the carrier and a container of function and delivery. The show goes on until October 30th 2011

Rooms Magazine issue 6 out

• Monday 26th Sep 2011
Latest edition of Rooms Magazine available from our shop and from the Rooms Magazine website. Featuring an interview with Lazy Gramophone's founding members.

Liz Adams Reading

• Friday 23rd Sep 2011
Liz Adams (author of our latest publication 'Green Dobermans') will be giving a reading and will have copies of her book for sale on Thursday 29 September 7.30pm @ Chichester Library

Green Dobermans Book Launch

• Thursday 22nd Sep 2011
To celebrate the launch of our latest publication we will be holding a book launch with readings from the author and 1st edition copies of the book on sale.

Upcoming stalls

• Wednesday 7th Sep 2011
We have a stall or two coming up in the next month. We will have a small stall at the free to enter Lowbrow festival in Haggerston park this saturday 10th. We will have all our products plus art prints and t--shirts from artists Tom the Pen and Dan Prescott at the Sunday Upmarket in Brick Lane on Sunday 25th. Hope to see you there!

Rooms Magazine Competition

• Monday 1st Aug 2011
Poster Challenge: Design an 'Artvert'?!

Art below's latest poster challenge is in collaboration with Rooms Magazine.
They are challenging artists and designers to come up with a poster design that has the appearance of an advertisement.
Art Below offers the opportunity to display the winning 1x1.5m poster at a major London Underground station, for 2 weeks in October 2011.
Rooms Magazine will also be proud to award the winning poster with a feature in the December 2011 issue.
The winning design will be selected by Rooms Magazine and Art Below from all entries received before the deadline: 30th September 2011.

Selected entries and runners up will be displayed online.

Send your work as low res jpgs to

Note: There is no fee to enter or take part.

RAG tv feat Conway

• Friday 22nd Jul 2011
Mr Will Conway gets all animated in this talkie. 

July Newsletter

• Saturday 16th Jul 2011
Read our latest newsletter here with details of all that we are doing currently. If you would like to receive these direct to your inbox from the lazy newspaper boy then subscribe at the bottom of our home page.

Tastes of Ink review

• Monday 27th Jun 2011
Tastes of Ink gets a good reviewing from Brighton Lite.

Book Club

• Tuesday 21st Jun 2011
On the 27th June Karen Georghiou will begin her 'Book Club' - a regular feature in which she will interview various Lazy Gramophone writers about their published works.

The idea behind Book Club is to reveal authors' perspectives on their own publications and so questions will progress according to the chapters of each featured book.

Karen will also be offering you the chance to pitch your own questions via her Twitter page.

Once the interviews have been recorded the resulting videos will be published on our Lazy Gramophone website as well as on Karen's YouTube channel: RAGtelevision.

The first episode of Book Club will see Karen meet Will Conway in order to talk about his new book, Tastes of Ink. If you have a question for Will, simply tweet @minikaren and sign off with the hashtag 'Conway'

New Edition of Rooms Mag

• Monday 20th Jun 2011

The latest issue of Rooms Magazine is now on sale!

Opening this summer issue with a defiant cover from photographer Francesca Yorke, Rooms Magazine walks you straight into The Red Room, cranking up the heat with Andy Scott's steel work and the illustrations of a man that needs no introduction, Jeremyville [both interviewed by our very own Will Conway].

If that's not hot enough for you, why not climb inside one of Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Or you could always pay a visit to The Bee Kingdom, their glass-blowing studio is a constant hive of activity. Also in the Rooms Letterbox, Sergio Caballero talks other artistic endeavours besides nursing his brainchild SONAR festival, while BMX's favourite photographer Vincent Perraud adds a personal touch with his top ten tunes.

I bet that was too hot now, right?! So take a break and ask for an iced coffee -mine's a mojito!- when you get to the Gallery District, get comfortable, and enjoy the always diverse array of great artists Rooms have got for you in Showrooms.

The exciting news doesn't stop there. Rooms distribution frontiers keep expanding! Friends in Canada and the US will soon be able to grab a copy at their nearest bookshop and specialist retailer. Make sure you get yours!
Happy Holidays!

TFV Magazine - Issue 5

• Friday 17th Jun 2011

The wonderful people at Thirst For Vision, a quarterly online Magazine, have featured Lazy Gramophone on page 40 of their latest edition.

Do take a look at all the great work they are doing and if like us you cannot wait for the next edition, you can always check out their TFV website or follow their TFV twitter page.

'Thirst for Vision is: '...a quarterly online magazine focusing on the creative youth of today. TFV hit screens at the start of 2010 and hasn't stopped its engines since. By recruiting photographers, artists and writers from all over the world we have achieved an international fan-base. thirstforvision gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into the passion of many.'

Rooms Magazine Partnership

• Sunday 12th Jun 2011

Lazy Gramophone is enormously happy to announce that we are now in
partnership with Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine.

See our latest Journal Post to

Rosa's Barn: Hay-on-Wye Festival

• Saturday 28th May 2011
Five Lazy Gramophone artists will be performing at this month's Hay-On-Wye Literary festival!

Head Chef & Head Waiter (aka Whetam Allpress & David Fuller) have acquired the gorgeous 17th Century country edifice, Rosa's Barn.

Guests will be treated to a feast of the best, responsibly sourced local produce as well as a wonderful evening's entertainment, not least from our very own Lazy Gramophone artists Zoe Catherine Kendall, Joanne Tedds, William Conway, Rupert Munck and Vincent J Prince.

Zoe Catherine Kendall will be performing... Saturday 28th May

Joanne Tedds & Will Conway will be performing... Friday 3rd June

Rupert Munck & Vincent J Prince will be performing... Saturday 4th June

Early Bird Tickets £50 (No door sales)

  • 5 Course seasonal menu (Veg option)
  • Carefully selected matched wines (Complimentary)
  • Fully Licensed (Comprehensive wine menu/cocktail bar)
  • Live Song and Poetry (Dancing till late)
  • Secure, on-site Parking (...or enjoy a 20 minute moonlit walk!)

Visit our 'Events Page' for more Information

Sabotage: Reviews of the Ephemeral, have reviewed our latest publication, 'Tastes of Ink', by Will Conway. Follow this news link to read the review in full. 

Review written by Will Langdale

About Sabotage:

'Sabotage likes pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, ... In other words, those ephemeral works that are often created on a small budget and distributed to a limited amount of people.

Shaded by their stockier cousins these works don't always get the thoughtful criticism, heated debates, or trolls that they deserve. Let's face it, Sabotage isn't going to solve that problem, but it would like to provide a troposphere.'

Sabotage Links

Sabotage Home
Sabotage on Twitter

REM Magazine Review

• Friday 22nd Apr 2011

A brilliant review of our latest publication Will Conway Tastes of Ink by REM Magazine.
Follow this news link to read the review in full.

REM Magazine
Röntgen Equivalent in Man
rem (rem), n. a unit of radiation dosage which measures the effect in humans or mammals. rem (symbol)

Rem Magazine is a New Zealand Journal of Experimental Writing that embraces urgent ideas and new forms as the foundations of innovative art and writing.

LG Press Shorts booklets on display

• Saturday 16th Apr 2011
LG Press shorts booklets were on display at an exhibition curated by Jotta for Dazed Live. Images by & © Dan Price.
See for more on this event

(Private Spaces) - Zoe's Place in association with Underbelly London

• Thursday 7th Apr 2011
Lost Memories, by Suzie Blake
Private Spaces
an exhibition that invites you to cross the threshold of the public into the private and esoteric realms of seven of London's top emerging artists, in every sense...

Adeline de Monseignat, Christian Nyampeta, Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Gedvile Bunikyte, Nic Shonfeld and Suzie Blake

At Zoe's Place - a private home turned gallery in London, E1
Wednesday 13th April to Sunday 17th April 2011 - 11am to 6pm

Guests must R.S.V.P. for free entry

Phone: 07811100218


Underbelly London meets Lazy Gramophone

• Wednesday 6th Apr 2011

Underbelly London's Monica 'Jaya Plasticine-Face' Smith meets up with art collective Lazy Gramaphone...

During last month's Tastes of Ink Book Launch we were lucky enough to be visited by Underbelly London's roving reporter Monica Smith. Whereupon, taking a brief reprieve from the chaos of the book launch, we nestled ourselves into a corner of the Betsy Trotwood for a good old chin wag.

Follow this news link to read the interview in full.

About Underbelly London

About Monica Smith:

ouch magazine have written a great review of our latest publication, Will Conway Tastes of Ink. Follow this news link to read the review in full.

About Zouch Magazine

Zouch Media passionately believes in the power of the written word. Recognizing that there has never been a time when authorship has been so accessible to so many, Zouch strives to elevate hidden gems of promising new authors above the free-for-all din of the net. Respecting the masters of the past and looking toward the future, Zouch Media publishes literature of the highest calibre from authors around the world. Capturing the passion of poets and the insights of authors, Zouch is building a democratic platform for high literature in every form.

About The Reviewer: Jason Oberholtzer

Jason is a musician, composer, blogger and writer based in Cambridge, MA.
He is the founder and curator of I Love Charts and I Love Old Magazines. He is a blogger for Forbes.

11th - 13th April: Mimimyne fashion market
3-5 Whitechapel Road, E1 1DU - Map

The Secret Seed Society will be hosting a stall in the Meanwhile Space at the Mimimyne Fashion Market  on 11th April. They will be sharing the space with Tabitha from Mimimyne.

As well as selling their own books, tea, coffee and cake, they have also kindly offered to sell a selection of our own Lazy Gramophone publications.

If you are unfamiliar with the Secret Seed Society, their website can be found here; They are a brilliant bunch and any money made from the stall will be converted into books and given to local schools.

For more information about the Meanwhile Space visit:

Underbelly London, an online zine for the city's emerging creatives, has interviewed LG writer and artist Zoe Catherine Kendall. Follow this news link to read more...


Next Saturday Zoe will be painting live at Pert, a new club night in London.  Visit Pert's Facebook page for further details. 

Book Launch: Will Conway Tastes of Ink

• Tuesday 15th Mar 2011

Lazy Gramophone Press would like to announce the publication of our fifth book: Will Conway Tastes of Ink

To mark this new release we will be holding a Tastes of Ink Book Launch at The Betsey Trotwood, Sunday 27th March, from 1pm.

'Will Conway's first book, complete with illustrations by Daniel Chidgey, is a collection of short stories about life, death and everything in between.'

Follow Will Conway:
- (@tastesofink) on Twitter
- on Facebook

"I dange. I am a danger.” ~ Will Conway

Lazy Gramophone artist Zoe Catherine Kendall would like to invite you along to the Barbican Art Gallery next weekend to experience Rummage Sale and Floor of the Forest by Trisha Brown, as part of the current Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s exhibit.

Zoe has created a series of 6 limited edition garments entitled 'My Emotions are my wardrobe' especially for the Rummage Sale. The Collection of Artworks come Sunday Best were inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois.

You can see the finished pieces on her blog, Zoe via..?, and make sure to get down to the Barbican early on Saturday if you want to buy them at bargain rummage sale prices...


Rummage Sale and Floor of the Forest
Barbican Art Gallery
5th - 6th March 2011
10am - 8pm

Tickets: £8 online/£10 on the door
Concs £7 online/£8 on the door

Red Members: Unlimited free entry + guest
Orange Members: Unlimited free entry
Yellow Members: 30% off + guest

Read more about this event on The Barbican Website

Zoe Catherine Kendall, Artist and Jeweller:

Artist Prints

• Sunday 16th Jan 2011
We have three fantastic prints available here, sumptuously giclee printed onto 300 gsm hahnemuhle paper stock.
With deep blacks, fantastic detail and vibrant colours these prints make an exceptional addition to any room, either hung as is or mounted and framed by yourself to add a touch of grandeur. Originally printed as a limited edition of ten each these are the last few copies and will sell out quickly so get in there to avoid disappointment.

The Book of Apertures

• Sunday 2nd Jan 2011
"A wonderful environment of ideas and imaginings - The Lazy Gramophone group as a collective have demonstrated a remarkable and inspiring ethos throughout and their willingness to provide a means of expression is second to none.”Amelias Magazine

REM Magazine reviews Lazy Gramophone

• Monday 13th Dec 2010
REM Magazine, an international, experimental literary journal that embraces new ideas and new forms as the foundations of innovative art and writing, have written a feature about Lazy Gramophone.

To read the piece in full follow this news link.

About REM Magazine

'Think radiation. Think danger. Think radical diffusion of ideas. Forget pastoral poetry and publishable grotesque and 'pretty' prose, Rem Magazine is the ground zero for creative works that disobey, deconstruct and play.

Of course, anyone can load a website these days and call it the hub of experimental creation. Certainly, there is an ongoing struggle of what it really means to be dangerous, provocative and cutting edge. These are three words that have lost meaning over recent years as zines have enthusiastically grabbed such notions to up their commerical viability. For us, experimental is a condition or a process. Authentic, experimental ideas are those which steer us off-course, provoke new debate or have the potential to change literary and artistic values. Rem Magazine is founded upon concepts of subversion and dissection as writers search for code and meaning (or even create it) as we draw a line between defiance and commercial literature. Here at Rem, we aim to showcase such local talent in order place New Zealand's underground among international artists on the world stage. By doing so, we hope to diminish the collective nervousness, the collective embarrassment that plagues us, transforming us from a nation of individuals to a world of heros.

Duck and cover, kiddos, the rem-bomb is about to go off.

REM Website Home:

Mr Muckworth and the Windy Valley

• Sunday 12th Dec 2010
Lazy Gramophone artist Maddie Joyce has recently completed her first book, Mr Muckworth and the Windy Valley. 

Synopsis: 'Mr Muckworth and his dog Raddish live on a tall hill looking over the windy valley. A harsh and cold winter arrives and with it brings a few surprises.' 

To preview the book follow this news link.

Maddie is a young illustrator, artist, drawer, painter and photographer from England. This is her first book and she hopes there are more to come.

Sabotage Reviews

• Wednesday 8th Dec 2010
Sabotage Blog has reviewed our website.

Follow this news link to read the review in full.

About Sabotage:
'Sabotage likes pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, ... In other words, those ephemeral works that are often created on a small budget and distributed to a limited amount of people.

Shaded by their stockier cousins these works don't always get the thoughtful criticism, heated debates, or trolls that they deserve. Let's face it, Sabotage isn't going to solve that problem, but it would like to provide a troposphere.'

Sabotage Links
Sabotage Home
Sabotage on Twitter
Lazy Gramophone Review written by Ian Chung

L.G. Shorts Subscription

• Monday 6th Dec 2010
You can now subscribe to our Lazy Gramophone Shorts series. A subscription will cost £25 if your postal address is in the UK and £35 if you require postage to an international destination. Once you have subscribed we will send you an email confirming your subscription. This will act as a valid receipt for the following four editions of our Lazy Gramophone shorts series. Once you have subscribed there will be no further postage fees, simply sit back and wait for your books to arrive upon their release.

For more information visit our Lazy Gramophone Shop.

Liz Adams - Voiceworks

• Thursday 2nd Dec 2010
Lazy Gramophone poet Liz Adams has recently become involved with the Voiceworks project. Follow our news link to watch Liz's presentation  to the Voiceworks 2010/2011 grouping, held in Birkbeck on Tuesday October 26th 2010.

Liz Adams is currently collaborating with illustrator Dan Prescott on her first collection of poems, Green Dobermans, which will be published by Lazy Gramophone Press in 2011.

Tastes of Ink

• Tuesday 16th Nov 2010
Will Conway Tastes of Ink: The latest LG Press publication coming soon ...

LG at bookface!

• Sunday 14th Nov 2010
We will be at BookFace this coming Sunday 14th of November flogging our wares ...

A book fair with a difference! Artists and writers will be exhibiting and selling their work. Artists' book creations, experimental and altered works, small press, installations, local authors, poets, comic book artists and book collectors. Listen to readings and watch artists' demos. Browse the book stalls, share ideas, relax and enjoy drinks and snacks at the bar.

BOOKFACE Sunday 14th November 11am - 5pm
The Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver Street, Reading Berkshire RG1 2ST 

LG Shorts Vol II: Guilt

• Sunday 31st Oct 2010
The 2nd in our LG Press Shorts series is now available for sale in our online shop.

LG Stall - Backyard Market, Brick Lane

• Sunday 10th Oct 2010
Come and see us on Saturday 30th October at the Backyard Market area off Brick Lane. We will have a grand selection of letter pressed stationary, our publications, art prints, biltong (yes) and more on sale. Plus you get to meet us in person and say hello!


• Saturday 2nd Oct 2010
It's been a busy summer for Lazy Gramophone artist Sorana Santos. In August, with her band Lyrebird she wrote and performed the music for Tracy Keeling's play Pawnography, as shown at The Rose Theatre, Southwark. Building on this success, Lyrebird have now released an immediately downloadable 3-track digital album of music from the play. The album is currently available from their website. We can highly recommend it!

'Lazy Gramophone: An artistic platform which takes us back to the bare bones of creativity, showcasing some of Britain's finest up-and-coming talent...'

Skeletons remain!

• Tuesday 21st Sep 2010
We have found 8 copies of our most recent, sold out LG Shorts booklet 'Skeletons in the closet'. We will be making these available for sale this weekend. If you would like to purchase a copy please email with the subject "I want a copy of Skeletons" and we will email you as soon as they go live in our shop. Read our journal about the production process here.

Surface Gallery:

• Monday 13th Sep 2010
'Surface' is the inaugural launch of a new organisation and an exhibition to examine the effect of site-specific study transported into a gallery space.
Read more.

Acupuncture WINNERS

• Sunday 5th Sep 2010
Congratulations to the winner and runners up of the Acupuncture Clothing design competition. In first place Nikki Pinder and runner up prizes to Jakoh and Sharon Liu. Look our for a journal soon with pics of the winning designs and a bit of Q&A with the successful trio.

Newsletter August 2010

• Sunday 5th Sep 2010
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Guy J Jackson's KPOV radio show

• Thursday 19th Aug 2010
Jville airs Fridays at midnight. Which is to say precisely upon the turn of Thursday night into Friday morning...
Read more

Competition: Illustrators & Writers

• Sunday 15th Aug 2010
We are looking to find an illustrator and a writer to submit work with the chance of being included in our latest LG shorts booklet. More

Co-founder of artists collective and printing press Lazy Gramophone, Philip Levine, tells jotta the story of LG's inception and the loving creation process of their next handmade publication, Skeletons In The Closet, launching this Sunday in London.

LG stall - Backyard market, Brick Lane

• Thursday 22nd Jul 2010
Come and see us this Saturday 24th July at the Backyard Market area off Brick Lane. We will have a grand selection of letter pressed stationary, our publications, art prints, biltong (yes) and more on sale. Plus you get to meet us in person and say hello!

Newsletter July 2010

• Sunday 18th Jul 2010
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Ghin Liew commission

• Thursday 15th Jul 2010
LG artist Ghin Liew has been commissioned to create visuals for a water screen at the Big Chill and LAtitude festivals this summer. Read more here.

Liz Adams' poetry displayed by Morphrog

• Monday 5th Jul 2010

A selection of Liz Adams' poetry is currently being displayed by the online journal Morphrog. Morphrog promotes experimental and traditional forms of poetry and is edited by the editors of The Frogmore papers.

To see: Liz's work on Morphrog

Liz Adams' book of poetry, Green Dobermans, will be published by Lazy Gramophone in 2011.

Dan Prescott exhibits with Two Magpies

• Thursday 1st Jul 2010
Dan Prescott, Lazy Gramophone comrade and resident typesetter, will be exhibiting a selection of his artworks and illustrations throughout July and August at the Mill House cafe-restaurant on Windsor's Peascod Street, as part of the exhibition Fragments.

Dan has exhibited in and around London, most notably at the Macbeth Gallery in Hoxton, the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, Angel tube station and in the café at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, St James' Park. He was also part of the fund-raising, collaborative art initiative, Love in the Sky, in association with the ICA.

Through his involvement with Lazy Gramophone, Dan has designed, typeset and/or illustrated titles for the collective's publishing arm, Lazy Gramophone Press. A number of the images featured in this exhibition were created for Lazy Gramophone Press's latest publication, The Book of Apertures.

Fragments is the second bi-monthly exhibition organised and curated by the Two Magpies. After a debut show of painting and photography, the summer show is filled with mainly illustrative drawing and graphic work by young local artists.

Fragments will be on show from 1st July - 31st August 2010 at Mill House, 11 Peascod Street, Windsor SL4 1DT

Contact: for more info or an invitation to the Private View

Guest Writer Published in our Journals Section

• Thursday 24th Jun 2010
We are happy to announce that we have recently published the first submission from a guest writer in our Lazy Gramophone Journals section. The piece is called The 'Other' London and has been written by the brilliant Kane X Faucher:


"Kane X. Faucher is a puzzling, ubiquitous author of 10 or so books and a multitude of articles, poems, essays, reviews, short fiction, and miscellanea that nomadically traverse with ease from high falutin irrealism, impregnable polemical fiction, post-VisPo, vulgar gonzo, complex theory, journalistic reportage, contemporary art catalogue essays, political tracts, and crotchety Pound-style criticism. A chameleon of a scribe, an incorrigible maverick, and perhaps even a Wildean dilettante, he was won a smattering of modest awards in both literature and academia. He remains staunchly secure in the obscure, and has demonstrated a preternatural knack for authorial mimicry. He has been called many things, not all of them nice. He has been compared to a wide range of authors, but these comparisons are far too slippery.

He is happily married and terribly secretive, throwing up occasional gusts of public smoke by way of some publication or an interview tucked in an obscure place.

If you would also like to submit a piece of writing for publication in our journals section, send all submissions to We are open to all topics and styles, though the piece must be accompanied by an original image.

On Sunday 13th June 2010, Lazy Gramophone held an intimate Lazy Sunday event at The Old Queen's Head in Islington, London. Unbeknown to us, amongst the crowd sat the author of the blog, 'Ramblings of a Girl Who Just Wants to Write'. This is her blog post in which she talks of the event.

Poejazzi @ E4 udderbelly

• Tuesday 8th Jun 2010
Poejazzi, as part of its Year of the Poet season, triumphantly returns to the E4 Udderbelly; this time featuring Yungun - the internationally-acclaimed wordsmith praised by Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson, and who has supported Slum Village and De La Soul - with a live band and his brilliant upcoming album, "Middleman”; fast-rising band Benin City, whose Outkast-meets-James Brown sound is highly-rated by Xfm, BBC6 Music, SoccerAM and Reuters - and Inua Ellams, whose stellar one-man poetry show recently completed ten dates at The National Theatre. Hosted by exceptional new singer-songwriter Lail Arad. Click hither for more details.

Lazy Sunday Part II

• Sunday 30th May 2010
We are back with our second Lazy Sunday event at The Old Queens Head in Islington. Expect a stimulating afternoon of talks, live music, poetry and an art display. The perfect way to spend your sunday afternoon in a great venue with pretty tasty roast lunches on offer, great tunes being played ...See full details on our events page.

Newsletter June 2010

• Sunday 30th May 2010
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Newsletter May 2010

• Tuesday 4th May 2010
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Lazy Sunday

• Sunday 18th Apr 2010
After a hiatus from regular live events LG Presents is back with a new monthly event. Lazy Sunday is a lethal concoction of art & design, chatter, drinks, spoken word, music and collaboration designed for a relaxing but entertaining afternoon. See our events page for more details

Newsletter April 2010

• Monday 5th Apr 2010
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Newsletter March 2010

• Wednesday 3rd Mar 2010
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Litro Magazine's Ali Shaw reviews the Book of Apertures. Read the full article here.

Amelia's Magazine Launch review

• Saturday 6th Feb 2010
Phil and Sam interviewed about The Book of Apertures and LG press.Read the full article here.

Book Launch

• Monday 1st Feb 2010
Thanks to all of you who came along to The Book of Apertures launch event on sunday. There was a great turnout and a really exciting vibe as all the writers and artists gathered in one small room. We have posted some pictures from the event on the TBOA launch event page.

Poejazzi Haiti fundraiser

• Sunday 24th Jan 2010
Poejazzi are organising a charity event to raise funds for the people of Haiti.

Poejazzi and The Last Days of Decadence team up to bring you "Help to Haiti", a spectacular programme of poetry and music from some of the UK's finest artists. All proceeds will go to Partners in Health, a healthcare charity which has been doing excellent work in Haiti for around 20 years. There'll be exceptional poetry from: Kate Tempest, Ventriloquist, Alex iamb, Alex Gwyther, David Jay, Michaela .

And there'll be superb music from Heidi Vogel, The Stillhouse Orchestra, Valentina Pappalardo and Ed Sheeran....with more exciting acts still to come. So come down, hang out, and help us bring Help to Haiti.

Click here for more details

The Book of Apertures launch event

• Tuesday 19th Jan 2010
We will be launching our new publication in London on January 31st.

2 years in the making we are very excited about releasing this fantastic collection of stories, poems and illustrations. See our events page for more.

Cancer Research certificate arrives

• Saturday 1st Nov 2008
Cancer Research certificate arrives for the Pip vs PiP gig. Donny loses his pet rabbit in a freak accident. England fail to win in the Rugby, F1 or Football.

LG presents review

• Monday 12th Nov 2007
Read a review of our LG presents... gig at the Macbeth at the Morning Star website

Don't Panic magazine interview Phil

• Wednesday 16th May 2007
Pip interviewed by Don't Panic Magazine about Lazy and sundry Read more

Stand Up, be heard - The Times

• Saturday 31st Mar 2007
LG's Gypsy Girl and Guy J Jackson featured in Holly Grigg-Spall's article 'Stand Up, be heard' for The Times.

Sam Rawlings, Earth Love Magazine

• Friday 16th Dec 2005
Sam Rawlings has had four poems accepted for publication by Earth Love Magazine. 'All I Want' will appear in issue twenty, 'In Silence' will appear in issue twenty one,'Soldiers' and 'This Place' will be included in issue twenty two. Earth Love Magazine. is born

• Friday 1st Oct 2004
The first version of our site went up on the 1st October 2004.
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