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Tastes of ink - Will Conway
Tastes of ink - Will Conway This month has seen some considerable developments in our production of Will Conway's first publication, Tastes of Ink. Tastes of Ink is a collection of Willís short stories and is due to be published in 2011. Keep an eye on the News and Journals sections of the Lazy Gramophone website for updates. You can now also follow Will on Twitter.

New Artists
This month we'd like to welcome seven new artists to the Lazy Gramophone website:
Claudia Forsbrey
New Artist - Claudia Forsbrey "I find when I draw my brain switches off, which allows all the creativeness hidden to flow out all over the paper. At the moment, I am experimenting with my art on my face, with the hope in creating masks. It's very fun and it makes me happy and hopefully you like it too." "I was once told that I am green, and should stay green because life can make you, well non-green."
Evilina Silberlaint
New Artist - Evilina Silberlaint "My work is inspired and influenced by various matters including personal experiences, beauty and uniqueness of human relationships, shimmering shadow deities from the dark side of folk tales, conversations with human beings and precious and magical silence of night hours."
Emma Day
New Artist - Emma Day "I love analogue photography, the smell of chemicals, the darkroom. I love being experimental with photography, anything film and polaroid based always appeals to me. For me photography is about sharing your experiences and preserving memories. It allows me to question reality."
Jamie Fewery
New Artist - Jamie Fewery "This is very much a work in progress. So some quick things. By reading the bullet points below you will hopefully get an idea of who I am. But no so much of an idea that you'll be able to guess where I live."
Maria Drummey
New Artist - Maria Drummey "I do not have my own website, most of the words are still in my head....when inspiration strikes, either on a train, just before sleep, or listening to a beautiful piece of music or enjoying a wonderful illustration, if I am lucky enough, I have a pen and some paper or a scrappy old notebook and can let the words pour out and capture them on the page."
Lola Dupre
New Artist - Lola Dupre "Traditional photomontage artist from Glasgow Scotland. Published work includes portraits and fashion illustration."
Kirsty Alison
New Artist - Kirsty Alison "Kirsty Allison has been working on her first novel for 15 years. Born in London she is a poet and writer who started writing professionally as a teenager, training on Loaded, Dazed and The Modern Review"
William Kherbek
New Artist - William Kherbek "Sometimes I feel like Anthony Kedis doesn't have a partner. Sometimes, I feel like his only friend is the city he lives in, the city of angels. Lonely as he is, together, they cry. Kedis and I live different lives. But that doesn't mean, reader, I don't understand. William K: Multi-instrumentalist, living on the margins of our technological society. Intermittently tolerated. So things are improving..."

Lazy Gramophone Shorts Series - Guilt
Guilt We are both happy and sad that all the copies of the first Lazy Gramophone Shorts booklet, Skeletons in the Closet, have flown out of our shop to all four corners of the planet. Happy that others get to enjoy the great booklet and amazing stories and illustrations :) Sad that we can no longer gaze upon their pretty book faces :(

But what cheers us most is the progress of the next in the LG Shorts Series, 'Guilt'. Again based around collaborative work, this time the catalyst is the imagery which the writers will then respond to. Increased to seven illustrations/stories and to be produced again with a stunning letter pressed cover and printed with exceptional precision internally on a
nice heavy stock these booklets are sure to go even quicker than Skeletons.

'Guilt' will be in our online shop mid-October. More details to follow in the coming weeks.
Green Dobermans - Liz Adams
Brick Lane stall We are currently busy working on Liz Adam's book of poetry, Green Dobermans. In her own words, Liz is a poet and fiction writer. Her early years were spent by the grey green sea of Middleton-on-Sea, and the cathedral city of Chichester, in West Sussex. She later moved to Norwich to do a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, before going travelling to South America and South-East Asia. In 2007 she graduated from the University of East Anglia's Creative Writing MA, and published a short story, "Abracadabra", in the course anthology "Cheque Enclosed". Another story, "Still Life", was published in January 2010 in the new "Iota Fiction". She has a forthcoming poetry publication in The Frogmore Papers.
She lives in London Ė a city that inspires much of her current writing.

Liz's work is currently being displayed online by morphrog magazine, and Stand magazine will soon be publishing a selection of her poems.

Green Dobermans is due to be published in 2011. Keep an eye on the News and Journals sections of the Lazy Gramophone website for updates.
As always, thanks for reading, Lazy Gramophone.
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