Evelina Silberlaint

My work is inspired and influenced by various matters including personal experiences, beauty and uniqueness of human relationships, shimmering shadow deities from the dark side of folk tales, conversations with human beings and precious and magical silence of night hours.

Born by the cold sea supernatural beings of the worlds of Vikings Vaeetir used to rule and where sky-tall pines with sandy roots whisper mysterious tales of the past, I have been always inspired by mysteries, hidden matters, things odd and eerie and eternity of personal worlds.

I think style-wise, Aubrey Beardsley, Harry Clarke, Edward Gorey, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and a whole bunch of contemporary creative creators have been my greatest influences.

I find irresistibly appealing a composition of beauty and macabre, the traditional and the modern, open and hidden, obvious and unknown and try to develop my illustration and animation skills in visualising all the various matters and subjects I comes across every day with a pinch of otherworldly dust.