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you will find artistic treats for your eyes, ears and mind. At our core we are a collective of like-minded creative folk fascinated and enthralled by the act of artistic creation, while at the same time being a support platform for developing artists. Therefore, whether exploring our website, experiencing our live events or investigating our publishing division Lazy Gramophone Press, our aim remains simple: to bring you as much exciting new work as possible.
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Hedgespoken is a travelling off-grid theatre project based in Devon, UK. Help the brilliant Tom Hirons and Rima Staines turn a beautiful old Bedford RL truck into a spectacular venue for starlit storytellings, vagabond puppet circus and far more. Full details can be found on their Hedgespoken crowdfunder page . But... More

London's Litro Magazine Reviews Time: 'An ambitious collection of short fiction, poetry and art, Lazy Gramophone's Time dresses up genre-bending experimentalism in cinemascope, projecting it backwards and upside-down.' Read the full piece here .... More

" Time is a fascinating collection littered with not only wonderful literature but also fabulous illustrations that ultimately make it a credit to any book-lover's shelves." Sabotage Magazine have written a wonderful review of our latest publication Time. Read the full article here. ... More

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Lazy Gramophone have recently spent some time working with the wonderful Claire Wingfield. Claire runs a busy literary and editorial consultancy in Edinburgh, she has also published a book: 52 Dates for Writers - Ride a Tandem, Assume an Alias, and 50 Other Ways to Improve Your Novel Draft , which we highly recommend. This essential creative writing guide will take you away from your desk,... More

Camden Coffee Shop, Camden UK My brother and I both love our coffee. Not to tear inducing diatribe level, but all the same we both love a carefully sourced and prepared cup. Our regular coffee bean run has been to Monmouth Coffee in Covent Garden for the last few years. A great little coffee house on Monmouth street in London that... More

Jo Tedds Olina Divisova Fresh Death LG original Jo Tedds recently collaborated with illustrator Olina Divisova, creating an original piece of poetry and illustration for display at the Art Macabre: Dying Matters Awareness Week exhibition . The private view of Dying Matters, was so busy that the quirky gallery space was... More

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