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"A Handsomely produced Book (The Book of Apertures).” - Philip Pullman

"I love Lazy Gramophone, you're doing terrific work.” - Terri Windling

"In a time when publishers are taking fewer and fewer risks on unknown writers, Lazy Gramophone are to be applauded for giving their collective a chance to shine.” - Litro Magazine

"A wonderful environment of ideas and imaginings - The Lazy Gramophone group as a collective have demonstrated a remarkable and inspiring ethos throughout and their willingness to provide a means of expression is second to none.” - Amelias Magazine

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About The Book of Apertures:

Set against the backdrop of our own existence, these pages house a collection of stories a collection of stories that peel back the covers of that other world, that world of emotions, forces and things, which have since the creation of time been forever lapping upon the shores of our own.

For the last two years our collective group of young, emergent writers and artists, have been hard at work. Arising from the relative obscurity that encircles each of our lives, this book has been born quite simply,out of our shared passion for storytelling.The central theme of the book focuses on exploring those unexplainable elements of life thatat one time or another, affect us all. As children particularly, we have all used our imaginations to conjure up explanations for the things that we didn't quite understand, and so, in creating this book, the writers and artists were asked little more than to develop this idea.Therefore, with an emphasis upon collaboration, containing fifteen short stories and nine poems by fourteen different writers, exhibiting forty-one pieces of original artwork by nine different artists, The Book of Apertures represents a series of explorations into the enigmatic nature of life, as viewed through each contributors personal aperture.

Essential Information:

  • binding: paperback
  • category: Fiction - Short Story Collection
  • editor: Sam Rawlings
  • contributors: DanPrescott, Danny Chidgey, Andrew Walter, Carl Laurence, Charlie Cottrel,Claire Fletcher, Emma Robertson, Guy J Jackson, Rahima FitzwilliamHall, Joanne Tedds, Lynsey Morgann Laurence, Matt Black, Megan LeonieHall, Nelson Evergreen, Pax Amphlett, Rob Marsh, Sam Rawlings, SoranaHelena Santos, Stacie Withers, Tom Harris, Will Conway
  • isbn: isbn-10: 0-9552530-4-7  -  isbn-13: 978-0-9552530-4-1
  • price: 14.99
  • size: 153mm x 234mm
  • extent: 384 pages
  • illustrated: Yes (41 colour  images)
  • publication date: First Published in 2010
  • publisher name: Lazy Gramophone Press

If you would like to look inside The Book of Apertures visit our journal section to preview some of the book's stories,  poemsand artwork. The journal section is also home to a list of Lazy Gramophone Friendly Independent Bookshops.

The Book of Apertures Facebook page.

Perfect bedtime reading. This book has sent me far and away on many a magical adventure. x
Rita Rita13/05/10 11:40am

What a wonderful book, really enjoyed it!
Simon Simon21/04/10 2:55pm

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