Lazy Gramophone

is a collective of artists. First established in 2003 with the aim of helping young, independent, up-and-coming artists, writers and musicians gain exposure and showcase their work, Lazy Gramophone now represents a diverse group of creative individuals.
We are passionate about collaboration and have developed this site in order to help bring people into contact with each other, both electronically and physically.

"A Handsomely produced Book (The Book of Apertures)." - Philip Pullman

"I love Lazy Gramophone, you're doing terrific work." - Terri Windling

"In a time when publishers are taking fewer and fewer risks on unknown writers, Lazy Gramophone are to be applauded for giving their collective a chance to shine." - Litro Magazine

"A wonderful environment of ideas and imaginings - The Lazy Gramophone group as a collective have demonstrated a remarkable and inspiring ethos throughout and their willingness to provide a means of expression is second to none." - Amelias Magazine


• Consultation Service:

Our consultation service is available to all current and potential clients.
We can advise and support you in the development of your project. Whether it is an exhibition, an event, an idea for a novel, a series of prints or an intricate handmade origami hat stand, Lazy Gramophone can successfully deliver your project no matter how complex it may be.

• Publishing Service:

Our Dylan Thomas Prize-nominated Press division has a full editorial, production and design team who are able to provide editing, proofing and typesetting services. We also have an established promotion, marketing and distribution network.

• Production Service:

We have a range of facilities for producing prints, books and pamphlets as well as a product design team to create bespoke handmade items. We can also directly sell these items via our online shop.

• Event Organisation & Gallery Curation Service:

After many years of successfully hosting events and curating galleries, we are now able to provide these fantastic services to all our clients.

A little bit of history...

It has taken us a while to grow into our current shape and we are quite proud of the metamorphism that has taken place. If you haven't been with us on our journey, here are our previous two websites (we are quite proud of them):

Lazy Gramophone v1.0
Lazy Gramophone v2.0
To read more about our history and what we have produced, view the Lazy Gramophone Artists or Lazy Gramophone Press bio links on this page.

We welcome submissions of all kinds. Therefore, if you're passionate about what you do, you can be sure that we would love to work with you no matter what your area of expertise or level of experience.

For all enquiries please contact or use our online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.