Maria Drummey

- My glass is half empty and the page is never full....

And so it begins....

John Martyn in snowman form
I do not have my own website, most of the words are still in my head....when inspiration strikes, either on a train, just before sleep, or listening to a beautiful piece of music or enjoying a wonderful illustration, if I am lucky enough, I have a pen and some paper or a scrappy old notebook and can let the words pour out and capture them on the page. I tend to find that the best poems, stories and the beginnings of stories are the ones that flash into your mind when you don't have that pen and paper (the essential artists tools), and like the magical mist on a lake, they are frozen in time and perfection all too briefly, admired and longed for just for a moment and they evaporate before dawn. One of these days, those elusive words I am so happy to even think of, will find the pen and paper and I will jot them down and hopefully you will enjoy the reading of them.
Words from Maria
  • Lime Cordial, Apple pie..and custard.

    Written on 13/08/10

    The crisp cloak swished like a sabre and its emerald piped edges glinted in the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows. The sharp sunlight also mercilessly highlighted the motes... read more

  • The Button

    Written on 13/08/10

    The button lay undetected for many years, gathering dust, the thoughts and the fears of those who came and went on soft and frightened footsteps, on the creaking wooden floorboards in the drawing... read more

  • Skeletons in the Closet..before I stripped the ...

    Written on 13/08/10

    Perhaps if she had read the small print more closely, her sense of dread was growing. Violet couldn't imagine how long she had been there, trapped behind glass, staring out at her... read more

  • In the small hours...

    Written on 13/08/10

    Echoes of mistrust can seep into the mind in the small hours... When shadows creep and floorboards creak and sleep escapes you... Hope then, for a sunlit morning ... read more