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Kirsty Allison
Over the last ten years Kirsty Allison's short stories and poetry have been published by Ambit, Book Club Boutique, Katalogue, Illustrated Ape and 3:AM. Internationally renowned, she is the producer of award-winning film and radio and has also DJed at parties and club nights at the best venues in every major city in the world. A talented artist and stylist, Allison’s artwork has been exhibited at the Tate and the Oscar Niemeyer galleries, and she has designed and dressed countless stars in the film, pop and fashion world. Kirsty started writing professionally as a teenager for the likes of Vogue, The Guardian, NME, DJ, Dazed & Confused and is currently working on her first novel, Medicine, set in the fashion and music scene of 90s Shoreditch.

“Kirsty Allison combines the cerebral with the carnival” The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine
Words from Kirsty
  • High Society Funeral

    Written on 07/07/10

    It's another high society funeral What you gonna wear? Gonna make it look like you care Like you've been crying since dawn for the guy you met once At a club Too late to devote A love... read more

  • Neon nights

    Written on 07/07/10

    Written on a Night Bus from Liverpool Street to Ealing, first published in Islington Zine, a project by CSV/Springboard that Kirsty used to faciliate. It felt so exclusive to ride through... read more

  • Hardcore

    Written on 07/07/10

    HARDCORE, first published in Book Club Boutique's summer anthology, 2010. I was never as hardcore as you Your behaviour was totally new Never seen in London... read more

  • Civic Solstice

    Written on 07/07/10

    WRITTEN FOR A DIESEL SPONSORED SOLSTICE EVENT IN SHOREDITCH, SUMMER 2010.♣♣♣ Come druids, come ravers, chancers and poets Up all night fiends and toothless lovers of Moet ... read more

  • Billy

    Written on 07/07/10

    Billy was a dancer Billy was a player Billy Billy Billy was a rock n roll sinner His talk was higher than mountains, His stride could stretch cartoon No one knew his comedowns were from the... read more

  • Tits are great

    Written on 07/07/10

    This was written for a special night Burlesque for Breast Cancer night at the Book Club Boutique. Wah Tit, Wah Tit, Wah Tit I'm a baby just born and I want it Mummy milk, booby feed I dream... read more

  • Might as well face're addicted to Botox

    Written on 07/07/10

    Might as well face it...Addicted to Botox I keep my hood up to protect my identity My problem is I think I am a celebrity Crippled by heels & burnt by hair tongs... read more

  • North

    Written on 25/11/11

    North Wigan - Saturday night,Satan's Piss - pound a shot You can fuck and fight me for free. Sunday - Leigh, pie-slop povertyA pram is the only accessory you need Is this a different country?... read more

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Title: TitsAreGreat
By: kirstyslackalice