Jamie Fewery

At the Tate Modern, big Diy Womp exhib

I thought about writing this in the third person. But I sincerely doubt that anyone would believe that anyone but me wrote it. So first person it is.

My name is Jamie Fewery, I am a 26-year-old writer from Hertfordshire. So far my most significant credits have been working for Five Dials and founding/editing Art and Things magazine, a free zine from the arts collective Diy Womp.

I find it difficult to say where my work sits stylistically. Predominantly I like to write about the ordinary instead of the fantastical. The authors I admire the most are Lorrie Moore, Dave Eggers, Nick Hornby, Marilynne Robinson and the like. And whilst I don't seek to emulate, or indeed mimic them, theirs are the books I enjoy reading and would love for people to enjoy my work in a similar way, one day.

Like most amateur writers I have a job and fortunately it is one I enjoy, working for a non-fiction publisher in South-West London. I love books, so to be around them most of the time is a great pleasure. I also enjoy pretty much any sport and good beer and wine. Should we ever meet, I would be more than happy for you to buy me something nice.
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