Skeletons in the Closet: Production

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Monday the 12th of July 2010

"Six writers were asked to create a short piece of writing

based on the theme of "Skeletons in the Closet".
These writers were then teamed up with six artists
and illustrators who were, in turn, asked to create
an image based on or inspired by that piece of writing.

... and this is the result."

So, our forthcoming limited edition print of Skeletons in the Closet, the first in the revival of the Lazy Gramophone shorts series, is almost upon us. Here at LG Studios we have been frantically working away on the letter pressed cover using the Adana 8" x 5" letter press we have. To start the saliva flowing we thought we would show you some pictures of the cover during the production process which you can see at the bottom of this journal. Although the leaves of the book will be digitally printed we wanted the exterior to have an immediate tactile nature and there is no better print than letter press to add texture and presence. 

We have used 24pt and 12pt monotype Garamond to set the title and blurb and Matt Black's illustration adorns the front cover via a custom metal pressing die. Each booklet is numbered using a Leibinger numbering device in red ink to ensure authenticity.

Well, mop up that drool and try and make it down to our stall at the backyard market off Brick lane on Saturday 24th July where the first available copies will be on sale. The remaining copies will then be up for sale in our online shop from Sunday July 25th.
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looks great guys. can't wait to see them in real life...
AAspinall AAspinall13/07/10 12:05pm
We thought long and hard about it and after much deliberation, various conferences, meetings and discussions we have decided to shut down and close comments for this particular Journal (sorry about that).
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