Welcome to The Land of Phutt

Written by Sam Rawlings on Thursday the 16th of June 2011


Over the last few months I have been working with my good friend Paul Bloom on an idea  called 'The Land of Phutt'. Our initial plan was to build a blog and each month use it to peer deeper and deeper into this mysterious land - so slowly revealing more about our hero, the landscape and the strange creatures that surround him.
    We therefore set to work - I composing plot lines and he composing images. A couple of months past and we suddenly realised that not only did we have enough material to fill our blog many times over, but also, that we had somehow established a very neat narrative!

On reflection then, we have decided that our idea would in actual fact lend itself better to the pages of a single book than it would the inside of a blog. The book is still a long way off and so for now, though what follows represents little more than a taster of things to come, let me introduce you to the land of Phutt:

The Story so Far...

I do remember the world from which I came, and yet of myself, of my own life, nothing; not a single memory nor even the smallest of scars ...that is... except for the sounds of an almighty laugh and the faint scent of whiskey upon my flailing arms. Where once I must surely have held memories, aspirations, regrets... in their place now rests, I'm affraid to say, little more than simple darkness. A dark simplicity. Re-born, it seems, as if from the echoes of merriment so here I find myself, a lone soul within the vast lands of Phutt. I have nursed myself back to health. I have constructed a home. I have slept for as many nights as it is possible to sleep. For eight days straight I drank till I was drunk, ate till all was eaten. My fate? What of it I wonder... ...and so again my thoughts begin to wander, pencil grasped between my toes, and though each night I protest, come morning my philosophy remains plain, remains the same: I vow to roam, to go, set forth, to explore... This log therefore, my only hope, for even if I don't... may these words live on forever more.

Vist my blog page to learn more about our character's life on Phutt. Topics inculde:
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- How to Build a Fire
- How to Build a Shelter

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