Tastes of Ink - Sneak Preview

Written by Will Conway on Monday the 4th of October 2010
I've had one of the stories, 'Potty Mouth', type-set by Dan 'Prestige' Prescott & printed onto postcards. I've been leaving these in places where people might like to pick them up. I've also stuck them up in toilets around the capital.

If anybody has any suggestions of where they'd like to see them, let us know. I'll then go out, buy some more blu-tack, and bring out a wad (ooh-er).

They're great as bookmarks as well as... well.. postcards.

PS Will Conway Tastes of Ink now has a facebook page and a Twitter page. Join / follow / add / befriend / like or whatever it is the kids are doing these days...

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Title: Will Conway Tastes of Ink
By: LazyGramophone
Lazy Says: Animation by Kristian Andrews, Music by Tom Conway

I'd like to see some in the westfield shopping centre please.
Jess Jess16/11/10 11:51pm
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