Our News Archive for January 2013

Curious Makers Time Shout-Out

• Thursday 31st Jan 2013

A big thank you to Curious Makers for their recent article about the Time Project.

The Article can be read here.

Curious Makers was set up to showcase the work of a makeshift collective of creative bods through various events, exhibitions and workshops.

Letter Pressed Valentines card

• Monday 28th Jan 2013

Celebrate your love with serious style this valentines day. Our valentines cards are letter pressed in a mottled ox-blood red ink using a vintage 72pt wooden U, then blind pressed (no ink) with 24pt Garamond metal type and then a neat little heart is dry embossed into the bottom right corner. Not as sleek and perfect as anything you'd find in Clintons, but absolutely gorgeous, tactile and unique!