Our News Archive for November 2014


• Wednesday 19th Nov 2014

Hedgespoken is a travelling off-grid theatre project based in Devon, UK. 

Help the brilliant Tom Hirons and Rima Staines turn a beautiful old Bedford RL truck into a spectacular venue for starlit storytellings, vagabond puppet circus and far more. 

Full details can be found on their Hedgespoken crowdfunder page. But don't hang around, they only have 12 days of fundraising left!

If you are as excited about this project as we are, then please do pass on their film  link to anyone who you think would appreciate it.: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hedgespoken 

Rima and Tom need to raise an estimated £25,000 in total to make this vision become a reality, and they cannot do it alone. This is where you get to play a part in their unfolding story by pledging what you can to make this dream happen, and by sharing this campaign far and wide! It is very exciting to think about the possibilities of a project like this being funded by the people to whom it will mean the most - the true grass-roots pledgers! 

This dream is being made out of lots of small donations from lots of people who believe in this magic as much as we do!

In fact, the wondrous Amelias Mag have even featured an interview with Tom and Rima. Follow this interview link to hear them speak about the inspirations and influences behind their project.