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Acupuncture competition - Clothing design competition Clothing design competition

Lazy Gramophone and Acupuncture clothing have teamed up to offer all you artists, designers and illustrators a fantastic opportunity to win some money, get your designs on a major brand's clothing and footwear and an awesome new page in your portfolio. Follow this link to find out more and to find details about how to submit your work.
An Interview with Will Conway Will Conway

Last month we were lucky enough to pin down the elusive Mr Conway for a spot of Q&A. Not only did Will offer up a healthy dose of dry wit and playful banter, but also at times, some sincere revelations about his writing and the many inspirations that swim behind it.

"Will Conway has been a part of Lazy Gramophone for a number of years now. He was a contributor to The Book of Apertures and has performed at many of our live events. We are currently working on his first solo publication, a book of short stories entitled, Will Conway, Tastes of Ink".

Read the full interview here: An Interview with Will Conway.
New Blood

This month we'd like to welcome eight new artists to the Lazy Gramophone website:
Nikki Pinder
New Artist - Nikki Pinder Nikki 'is an Illustrator, Artist, Designer and Nightowl based in Cheshire, England. At age four she attempted to learn how to fly using story books as wings, but in later years decided it'd be better to turn these abstract ideas into illustrations and artworks on canvas.' - Nikki's work has blown us all away, and we've no doubt you'll feel the same.
James Watt
New Artist - James Watt James 'hails from the Isles of Scilly. He amuses himself by writing short stories that probably fall into the genre of magic realism. He may or may not be crazy.' - James has been involved with Lazy Gramophone right from the very beginning, and you can believe us when we say... the old boy's certainly got some stories to tell.
Nelson Evergreen
New Artist - Nelson Evergreen 'AKA Neil Evans. Living on the south coast of the UK with my partner and our imaginary cat, I'm a comic artist, illustrator and general all-round doodler of whatever rubbish appears in my head.' - In our opinion, this statement does Nelson little justice. The guy's a genius!
Erin Norman
New Artist - Erin Norman Erin 'is working towards transforming her obsession with writing into a career.' - The newest addition to our Lazy ranks, Erin's a wonderful writer bursting with enchanting tales. Her more autobiographical work, as featured on her blog, is also equally compelling.
Henrik Aeshna
New Artist - Henrik Aeshna 'The poetry of a young drop-out hobohemian who threw everything up somewhere in the world, for slip or for wisdom.' - Henrik is an exciting addition to the Lazy site, an intoxicating mix of raw energy and unyielding passion.
Sophie Webb
New Artist - Sophie Webb 'There's a dark wonderland in the work of Sophie Webb... a web of earthly and not-so-earthly delights.' - Sophie's profile offers a tantalising glimpse into this hugely talented artist's inner world.
Rupert Munck
New Artist - Rupert Munck 'Rupert.J.Munck studied Philosophy in Manchester Logic, Phenomenology///pedalled dru...' - actually, if you want to find out anymore about Mr Munck you'll just have to check out his profile. What we will say however, is that he's an incredibly talented writer.
Jude Melling
New Artist - Jude Melling '... based in London and I've been drawing since I was 4. I am very much the struggling artist, illustrator, designer and occasional writer...' - We've been looking forward to having Jude on the site for a while now, and now that he's finally here we're all overjoyed to have him on board; a fantastic artist.
Notebook - stylish stationary
Tom Harris

Lazy Gramophone stalwart and long-time collaborator, Tom the Pen, makes a break into the sartorial and, indeed, accessorial omniverse.

Tom has produced a range of tote bags and t-shirts emblazoned with his sometimes complex, often hilarious, always thought-provoking illustrations. And, they are available to buy now from the Lazy Gramophone Shop!

Mr the Pen has contributed a number of images to Lazy Gramophone Press publications over the years, not least the beautiful illustration for Jo Tedds short story 'The Apple Tree', in LG Press's latest collaborative title, The Book of Apertures.

He can also be found, from time-to-time, peddling his wares at Brick Lane market.

See you there!
Lazy Gramophone Events
Sunday June 13th

We are back with our second Lazy Sunday event at The Old Queens Head in Islington. The event features talks from Bizarre Magazine's Alix Fox, Art Below Director Ben Moore and writer, Adam Robert Green - author of Lazy Gramophone Press's debut title, Satsuma Sun-mover. Live music is provided by Jean Claude Mad Hero as well as a surprise music act. Anti-poet Mat Lloyd will also be performing and playing some of his amazing, awe-inspiring animated videos. Read more and find links to the various featured acts here at our events page.
As always, thanks for your commitment, interest and love of Lazy Gramophone. Like a good whiskey - we taste better with age.
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