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Hi and welcome to our October newsletter. We hope it finds you all as well as well can be!
Green Dobermans
Green Dobermans launch night The Green Dobermans launch night went well and copies are selling very fast. We still have some of the limited edition bookmarks left that come free with every copy bought from our online shop. Check out a few photos of the event here.
Mina Milk & Milega
Mina Milk Art Card set Our new Art Card Series is already onto its second installment. Beautifully giclée printed onto some fantastic Hahnemühle fine art paper, these art cards look stunning. We will be introducing new cards on a weekly basis.

Have a look at the Milega Art Card set here

Have a look at the Mina Milk Art Card set here
Giclée Poster Prints
Giclée Poster Prints We have also introduced a new range of amazingly detailed giclée poster prints. These are not limited editions but will not be available indefinitely. Again, beautifully printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper, these prints have incredible detail, sumptuous saturated colours and generally look amazing!

At the moment we have two prints, a promo poster designed for the Will Conway Tastes of Ink book release, and Dan Prescott's Magpie King image originally printed in The Book of Apertures but we will be adding more work from Lola Dupré, Matt Black, Art Frederic and more artists over the next week or so.
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards Ok, so we have a way to go yet, but we thought we'd get our christmas cards up and for sale in October! Designed and made for Lazy Gramophone by Milega, these 10cm x 10cm christmas cards are made from different letters photographed on the streets of London. It's amazing, if you look round you there are hundreds of typefaces used on all sorts of surfaces, shop displays, signs, road markingsā€¦. Everywhere you look there is type!!!

These beautifully printed cards come in a set of 4 with ivory envelopes, and make a refreshing change from the usual mass produced christmas tree designs you say every which where.
As always, thanks for reading, browsing, listening and viewing us.
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