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Acceptance of guest writers on the site
Acceptance of guest writers on the site We are happy to announce that we have recently published the first submission from a guest writer in our Lazy Gramophone Journals section. The piece is called The 'Other' London and has been written by the brilliant Kane X Faucher.

If you would also like to submit a piece of writing for publication in our journals section, send all submissions to info@lazygramophone.com. We are open to all topics and styles, though the piece must be accompanied by an original image.
Lazy Biltong - Rumptongue!
In honour of the 2010 World Cup's host nation, the Lazy Gramophone Meat Factory has opened its doors once more to reveal its latest and tastiest comestible accoutrement: Lazy Biltong.

After going down a storm at Lazy Sunday Part I back in May, and selling out in a matter of minutes, the air is warming, the wind is blowing, the spice is humming, and the flesh is drying. For those of you who are unsure, Biltong is a kind of cured meat, originating in South Africa. It is usually beef, which is salted and spiced then hung to dry until cured. Lazy Biltong is handmade within the Lazy Gramophone Meat Factory, using a secret blend of Lazy herbs and spices.
Lazy Biltong will be available from the produce stand at
Lazy Biltong
all upcoming Lazy events, including our stall at Brick Lane market (see below for details). So come on down and remember: the early bird catches the tong!
Brick Lane stall
Brick Lane stall A foray into the physical world is imminent for LG studios. A fantastic array of our handmade paper goods including notebooks, greetings cards, bookmarks and more will be on sale in the backyard market just off Brick Lane on Saturday 24th July. All of our publications including our first and limited instalment of the new LG Shorts series "Skeletons in the Closet" will be on sale. Please come along, even if it's just to say hello.
New Artists
This month we'd like to welcome seven new artists to the Lazy Gramophone website:
Bryn Hall
New Artist - Bryn Hall "I dwell in the deepest, darkest corner of South West Cornwall. I work as a Freelance Illustrator and as a passionate surfer, naturally i stumbled into the 'Surf-Art' catagory. My work is inspired by the ocean. I try to express the freedom and beauty i find when out in the water, looking back at the world."
Ghin Liew
New Artist - Ghin Liew "Is an ongoing creative project, with the objective though cross media to represent the findings of the continued study into the human condition."
Mina Milk
New Artist - Mina Milk "My work shows the world as if it was seen for the first time. I see and depict beauty. Beauty is not only the matter of taste but it is a dynamic apparition, that can be coaxed out of ugly, banal and obscure. I'm interested in myths, dreams and erotism."
Daniel Regan
New Artist - Daniel Regan "Previously a lover of the English language, I turned to photography as an ambiguous medium of expressing what felt like intangible emotions."
Jake Ellis
New Artist - Jake Ellis "Jake Ellis is a man with 1950s hair. He is utterly unqualified to call himself an artist. He makes pictures out of bits of other pictures, usually with fragments of text. He likes them and hopes you do too. He is also uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person, but accepts that it's probably necessary at times."
Vincent J Prince
New Artist - Vincent J Prince "Constantly courting controversy (and usually a hangover). Vincent's eclectic catalogue spans poetry, fiction and a rather oblique optique upon life itself."
Charlie Cottrell
New Artist - Charlie Cottrell "I don't know all the words but I know quite a lot of them and I like to have a go putting them in different orders for the amusement of others."
Skeletons in the Closet
Here at Lazy Gramophone Press we are currently producing a quasi-quarterly collection of illustrated short stories and verse. Back in 2007/08 we released four such booklets to great acclaim and we're now bringing the series back to life. The first edition will be entitled 'Skeletons in the Closet'. Synopsis:

'Six Writers were asked to create a short piece of writing based on the theme of 'Skeletons in the Closet'. These writers were then in turn teamed up with six artists and illustrators who were, in turn asked to create an image based on or inspired by that piece of writing.

...and this is the result.

Each booklet will will be printed as a limited edition of 50 copies with a letter-pressed cover and high quality
Skeletons in the Closet
full colour internal print, while each of the finished stories and poems will be no longer than 450 words in length. Due to hit our online shop July 25th. To see some pictures of the letter pressed cover production process read our Journal here.
Dan Prescott Exhibition - Two Magpies
Two Magpies Lazy Gramophone comrade and resident typesetter, will be exhibiting a selection of his artworks and illustrations throughout July and August at the Mill House cafe-restaurant on Windsor's Peascod Street, as part of the exhibition Fragments. Read more here.
Matt Black - The Colours of Black
This months interview is with Matt Black, long term LG member and advisor. Hop across to our Journal Page for the full piece. Delving into the Black
When you are next in the area...
As always, thanks for reading, Lazy Gramophone.
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