While studying Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins Art College, ghin developed his passion for the visual representation of sound, leading to his fascination with time, sound and animation.
His first student films won three awards leading to a commission by kodak and mute records to make a music video.

On leaving university he went on to perfect his skills by working freelance across a variety of roles including editor, cinematographer, producer, VJ, working on short films, music videos, fashion films, commercials and live performances. He also worked as an A/V technician at Central Saint Martins Art College, delivering lectures on Sound, Editing, Animation and interaction design.

In 2011 he formed 卡亞光 Kayalight Studios along with his wife as a platform for the creative films they were producing.
His latest film ACOUSTIC LEVITATION THROUGH VOCAL DISCHARGE, a no budget production is a creative exploration of music video. Collaborating with beatbox artist WANDAN to create a film that redraws traditional boundaries. Including a backstory and fictious website for 那刹 Ksana Institute, the video was created before the audio track was recorded.He is currently working on a feature length documentary about the London Riots that took place in 2011. The film gives the unique perspective of London’s youth, confused by the hypocrisy that surrounds them
His passion for DIY electronics has led him to build a vintage fully analogue Dub studio.