Vincent J Prince

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Journals from Vincent J
Vincent is currently a bit under the weather, but rest assured he's adhering to a strict drink and drug regimen, and should be back on his feet in no time.
Words from Vincent J
  • Modern life is alright...

    Written on 02/10/10

    Modern life is rubbish That's what Blur reckon Or reckoned It was a while back So, Now I guess They reckon History is rubbish Or maybe they just reckon NOW is always rubbish... read more

  • The Strange Relic

    Written on 09/06/10

    It had been over 15 years since Dave and Jim had last met, and as agreed, Dave was at the Scraggly End pub, Jim's local, at 7:30. The pair set about their witter like 2 old wesher women, reminiscing... read more

  • I Have A Computer...

    Written on 09/06/10

    I have a computer: It's got an Intel 4 Core I7 CPU @ 2.67Ghz - 2.79Ghz It's got 3Gb DDR3 RAM It's got a GTX 260 896Mb DDr3 SDRAM It's got a 24 inch widescreen TFT LCD monitor It cost £1198.99... read more

  • No Rhyme Or Reason...

    Written on 09/06/10

    You are what I would call a squandered pregnancy If your dad had any sense he'd had stuck it up the arse If you your mam had the smarts she'd have slung it in her gob You are like Iraq,... read more

  • Lego & Duplo...

    Written on 09/06/10

    Life's loves lost And here stand I Magnificent and odd Strange and wonderful Incompatible with most Immiscible Like oil and water Like Lego and Duplo My bricks don't fit A square... read more

  • O.N.O...

    Written on 09/06/10

    For sale 1982 classic Non-runner Has seen better days Numerous lady owners No log book Partial proven history Quite high mileage Could do with some body work Rust and faded... read more

  • A Good Send Off...

    Written on 09/06/10

    An elderly man sits upon a very plain teak chair, aside a very plain window, appearing very plain and grey, emaciated, sallow and weary. "She always used to cut't crusts off” The man nods... read more