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Modern life is alright...

Written by Vincent J Prince on Saturday the 2nd of October 2010
Modern life is rubbish
That's what Blur reckon
Or reckoned
It was a while back
Now I guess
They reckon
History is rubbish
Or maybe they just reckon
NOW is always rubbish (I mean the present - not the albums, although I have had NOW as a present, in the past, and they have always been rubbish)
Like constant contemporary rubbish
I mean
The thing is
Simon Schama reckons history's class
I reckon Schama's alright
But I reckon Blur are alright too
But I also reckon NOW (as in the presents, not the present) is pretty shit
But the present seems alright
What with Hi-Def and that lot
What do you reckon?