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Hello and welcome to our new rather flash monthly newsletter! Along with some grand announcements below we are generally feeling very active and excited to be with you today. We have started the year with a bit of a flourish and have every intention to continue in this manner.
Screen-shot from Bells and whistles. has finished an absolutely fantastic new website for Lazy Gramophone. Around two years in the making, and a huge leap from our first website, the all new site shines a beam of light into our wintered hearts.

Artists now create and upload all their own material allowing it to stay fresh and current. We have a journal which the artists and members of Lazy Gramophone can post to with reviews, opinions, expressions and their innermost thoughts. Our new shop section already has some fantastic Lazy Gramophone books, prints and clothing and will continue to refresh its stock with new beautifully crafted items. We hope you enjoy looking around.
Lazy Gramophone Press at Donlon Books store An evening of spoken word and literary gossip.

In order to mark the arrival of our new publication, The Book of Apertures, Lazy Gramophone Press would like to invite you to the Donlon Bookshop on the 19th March, where a selection of Lazy Gramophone writers and artists will be gathering for a special evening of spoken word. Set against a small exhibition of the book's artwork, the editor of The Book of Apertures, Sam Rawlings, will be joined by a collection of the book's writers: Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall, Megan Leonie Hall, Joanne Tedds, Claire Fletcher and Will Conway, while Liz Adams will be showcasing her new poetry collection and Adam Green will be reading from his novel Satsuma Sun-mover. The evening will be compered by Philip Levine and will also offer you the chance to peruse our menagerie of handmade notebooks, booklets, bookmarks, badges and other such treasures. For address details and more see our events page.
The Book of Apertures The latest publication from Lazy Gramophone Press.

'Set against the backdrop of our own existence, these pages house a collection of stories, a collection of stories that peel back the covers of that other world; that world of emotions, forces and things, which have since the creation of time, been forever lapping upon the shores of our own.'

For the last two years our collective group of young, emergent writers and artists, have been hard at work. Arising from the relative obscurity that encircles each of our lives, this book has been born quite simply, out of our shared passion for storytelling. The central theme of the book focuses on exploring those unexplainable elements of life that at one time or another, affect us all.
As children particularly, we have all used our imaginations to conjure up explanations for the things that we don't quite understand, and so, in creating this book, the writers and artists were asked little more than to develop this idea. Therefore, with an emphasis upon collaboration, containing fifteen short stories and nine poems by fourteen different writers, exhibiting forty-one pieces of original artwork by nine different artists, The Book of Apertures represents a series of explorations into the enigmatic nature of life, as viewed through each contributor's personal aperture.
You can purchase a copy of The Book of Apertures from our online shop.
Lazy Gramophone Events A relaxed afternoon.

Starting in May, Lazy Gramophone is all set to begin hosting a new wave of events. Building upon the past success of our Lazy Gramophone Presents evenings, the all new 'Lazy Sunday' (a lethal concoction of art & design, chatter, drinks, spoken word, music and collaboration) is slowly but surely making its way to a Sunday near you.
Thanks for reading from all here at Lazy Gramophone.
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