An Evening at Donlon Books

6:00pm - 9:00pm
When: On Friday, 19th March, 2010 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Donlon Books - X marks the Bökship, 210 / Unit 3, Cambridge Heath Rd, London, E2 9NQ
Promoter: LG Press
The Book of Apertures: A new publication from the Dylan Thomas Prize nominated arts collective Lazy Gramophone Press.

'All Lazy Gramophone Press books are the result of collaborations between a pool of talented creatives, including authors, poets, illustrators, artists, editors, typesetters, and designers. The Book of Apertures is such a collaboration, and is the result of a project spanning two years, in which fourteen writers and poets have worked closely with nine illustrators to produce this collection of short stories, poems and artwork.'

In order to mark the arrival of our new publication, Lazy Gramophone Press would like to invite you to the Donlon Bookshop on the 19th March, where a selection of Lazy Gramophone writers and artists will be gathering for a special evening of spoken word.

Set against a small exhibition of the book's artwork, the editor of The Book of Apertures, Sam Rawlings, will be joined by a collection of the book's writers: Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall, Megan Leonie Hall, Joanne Tedds, Claire Fletcher and Will Conway, while Liz Adams will be showcasing her new poetry collection and Adam Green will be reading from his novel Satsuma Sun-mover. The evening will be compared by Philip Levine and also offer you the chance to peruse our menagerie of handmade notebooks, booklets, bookmarks, badges and other such treasures. 

I love tea (infact go crazy for it most of the time) but I only drink it with soya.... hmmm I wonder if you guys will have soya? If not I will bring a flask, can't wait!
James James24/02/10 9:35am
Here at LG we try to cater for all needs. We will bring some biscuits too!
Lazy G 28/02/10 10:32am

Sounds great, are you providing refreshments?
Gary Gary17/02/10 10:46pm
There may well be some tea circulating.
Lazy G 22/02/10 9:59pm
We thought long and hard about it and after much deliberation, various conferences, meetings and discussions we have decided to shut down and close comments for this particular Event (sorry about that).
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