Rebecca Firegrave


I have brown eyes. The rest will change with time.

I like words, and when they like me,
I capture them in rhymes
for others to see.

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Twitter: @RFiregrave
Skype: Rebecca.Firegrave
Words from Rebecca
  • Who's the Daddy?

    Written on 16/01/11

    Power, everyone wants it, not all of us get it. Tolkein displays the common human need in the metaphor of a ring...simple, but effective, I feel. Although, I find it ironic that everybody is... read more

  • Word Up

    Written on 16/01/11

    Pigs grunt, cows moo and ducks quack, the animal kingdom find ways to comunicate with each other. But one of the things that makes us distinctly different to our animal friends is our complex... read more

  • The Copy Cats' Trap

    Written on 16/01/11

    No man is an island, instead we exist on a shared plane affecting and effected by each other. And one of the predominant features of social beings is our capacity to learn from the people around... read more

  • Mistaking the Piss

    Written on 16/01/11

    I sat on my miserable commute out of the concrete jungle, minding my own business one evening after work when my daze into the abyss was disturbed by a disgruntled tourist claiming that 'it... read more

  • A Walk in the Park

    Written on 16/01/11

    The parties are over, the hangovers are still lingering and there is a whole lot of mess to clear up; the new year rarely starts as we hope it will. Grand resolutions of hard work often get... read more

  • Holy Cow!

    Written on 16/01/11

    Mumbai, India. Holy cow! Be prepared for the madness. People everywhere and cars - so many cars - like a car factory with a bottle neck problem. All driving to their own personal rules... read more

  • Now Who's Talking

    Written on 16/01/11

    After serious and studious self-assessments and empirical experiments I would like to offer my scientific extractions on the internal workings of the most marvellous and mysterious human... read more

  • How do you FIght your Eggs?

    Written on 16/01/11

    Eggs crack. That's what they do. And they become something new. A scrambled egg, a boiled egg, a poached-to-the-point-of-perfection egg. Butterflies had their past lives, and bees are only bees... read more