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(Private Spaces) - Zoe's Place in association with Underbelly London

• Thursday 7th Apr 2011
Lost Memories, by Suzie Blake
Private Spaces
an exhibition that invites you to cross the threshold of the public into the private and esoteric realms of seven of London's top emerging artists, in every sense...

Adeline de Monseignat, Christian Nyampeta, Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Gedvile Bunikyte, Nic Shonfeld and Suzie Blake

At Zoe's Place - a private home turned gallery in London, E1
Wednesday 13th April to Sunday 17th April 2011 - 11am to 6pm

Guests must R.S.V.P. for free entry

Phone: 07811100218


Underbelly London meets Lazy Gramophone

• Wednesday 6th Apr 2011

Underbelly London's Monica 'Jaya Plasticine-Face' Smith meets up with art collective Lazy Gramaphone...

During last month's Tastes of Ink Book Launch we were lucky enough to be visited by Underbelly London's roving reporter Monica Smith. Whereupon, taking a brief reprieve from the chaos of the book launch, we nestled ourselves into a corner of the Betsy Trotwood for a good old chin wag.

Follow this news link to read the interview in full.

About Underbelly London

About Monica Smith:

ouch magazine have written a great review of our latest publication, Will Conway Tastes of Ink. Follow this news link to read the review in full.

About Zouch Magazine

Zouch Media passionately believes in the power of the written word. Recognizing that there has never been a time when authorship has been so accessible to so many, Zouch strives to elevate hidden gems of promising new authors above the free-for-all din of the net. Respecting the masters of the past and looking toward the future, Zouch Media publishes literature of the highest calibre from authors around the world. Capturing the passion of poets and the insights of authors, Zouch is building a democratic platform for high literature in every form.

About The Reviewer: Jason Oberholtzer

Jason is a musician, composer, blogger and writer based in Cambridge, MA.
He is the founder and curator of I Love Charts and I Love Old Magazines. He is a blogger for Forbes.

11th - 13th April: Mimimyne fashion market
3-5 Whitechapel Road, E1 1DU - Map

The Secret Seed Society will be hosting a stall in the Meanwhile Space at the Mimimyne Fashion Market  on 11th April. They will be sharing the space with Tabitha from Mimimyne.

As well as selling their own books, tea, coffee and cake, they have also kindly offered to sell a selection of our own Lazy Gramophone publications.

If you are unfamiliar with the Secret Seed Society, their website can be found here; They are a brilliant bunch and any money made from the stall will be converted into books and given to local schools.

For more information about the Meanwhile Space visit:

Underbelly London, an online zine for the city's emerging creatives, has interviewed LG writer and artist Zoe Catherine Kendall. Follow this news link to read more...


Next Saturday Zoe will be painting live at Pert, a new club night in London.  Visit Pert's Facebook page for further details. 

Book Launch: Will Conway Tastes of Ink

• Tuesday 15th Mar 2011

Lazy Gramophone Press would like to announce the publication of our fifth book: Will Conway Tastes of Ink

To mark this new release we will be holding a Tastes of Ink Book Launch at The Betsey Trotwood, Sunday 27th March, from 1pm.

'Will Conway's first book, complete with illustrations by Daniel Chidgey, is a collection of short stories about life, death and everything in between.'

Follow Will Conway:
- (@tastesofink) on Twitter
- on Facebook

"I dange. I am a danger.” ~ Will Conway

Lazy Gramophone artist Zoe Catherine Kendall would like to invite you along to the Barbican Art Gallery next weekend to experience Rummage Sale and Floor of the Forest by Trisha Brown, as part of the current Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s exhibit.

Zoe has created a series of 6 limited edition garments entitled 'My Emotions are my wardrobe' especially for the Rummage Sale. The Collection of Artworks come Sunday Best were inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois.

You can see the finished pieces on her blog, Zoe via..?, and make sure to get down to the Barbican early on Saturday if you want to buy them at bargain rummage sale prices...


Rummage Sale and Floor of the Forest
Barbican Art Gallery
5th - 6th March 2011
10am - 8pm

Tickets: £8 online/£10 on the door
Concs £7 online/£8 on the door

Red Members: Unlimited free entry + guest
Orange Members: Unlimited free entry
Yellow Members: 30% off + guest

Read more about this event on The Barbican Website

Zoe Catherine Kendall, Artist and Jeweller:

Artist Prints

• Sunday 16th Jan 2011
We have three fantastic prints available here, sumptuously giclee printed onto 300 gsm hahnemuhle paper stock.
With deep blacks, fantastic detail and vibrant colours these prints make an exceptional addition to any room, either hung as is or mounted and framed by yourself to add a touch of grandeur. Originally printed as a limited edition of ten each these are the last few copies and will sell out quickly so get in there to avoid disappointment.

The Book of Apertures

• Sunday 2nd Jan 2011
"A wonderful environment of ideas and imaginings - The Lazy Gramophone group as a collective have demonstrated a remarkable and inspiring ethos throughout and their willingness to provide a means of expression is second to none.”Amelias Magazine

REM Magazine reviews Lazy Gramophone

• Monday 13th Dec 2010
REM Magazine, an international, experimental literary journal that embraces new ideas and new forms as the foundations of innovative art and writing, have written a feature about Lazy Gramophone.

To read the piece in full follow this news link.

About REM Magazine

'Think radiation. Think danger. Think radical diffusion of ideas. Forget pastoral poetry and publishable grotesque and 'pretty' prose, Rem Magazine is the ground zero for creative works that disobey, deconstruct and play.

Of course, anyone can load a website these days and call it the hub of experimental creation. Certainly, there is an ongoing struggle of what it really means to be dangerous, provocative and cutting edge. These are three words that have lost meaning over recent years as zines have enthusiastically grabbed such notions to up their commerical viability. For us, experimental is a condition or a process. Authentic, experimental ideas are those which steer us off-course, provoke new debate or have the potential to change literary and artistic values. Rem Magazine is founded upon concepts of subversion and dissection as writers search for code and meaning (or even create it) as we draw a line between defiance and commercial literature. Here at Rem, we aim to showcase such local talent in order place New Zealand's underground among international artists on the world stage. By doing so, we hope to diminish the collective nervousness, the collective embarrassment that plagues us, transforming us from a nation of individuals to a world of heros.

Duck and cover, kiddos, the rem-bomb is about to go off.

REM Website Home:

Mr Muckworth and the Windy Valley

• Sunday 12th Dec 2010
Lazy Gramophone artist Maddie Joyce has recently completed her first book, Mr Muckworth and the Windy Valley. 

Synopsis: 'Mr Muckworth and his dog Raddish live on a tall hill looking over the windy valley. A harsh and cold winter arrives and with it brings a few surprises.' 

To preview the book follow this news link.

Maddie is a young illustrator, artist, drawer, painter and photographer from England. This is her first book and she hopes there are more to come.

Sabotage Reviews

• Wednesday 8th Dec 2010
Sabotage Blog has reviewed our website.

Follow this news link to read the review in full.

About Sabotage:
'Sabotage likes pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, ... In other words, those ephemeral works that are often created on a small budget and distributed to a limited amount of people.

Shaded by their stockier cousins these works don't always get the thoughtful criticism, heated debates, or trolls that they deserve. Let's face it, Sabotage isn't going to solve that problem, but it would like to provide a troposphere.'

Sabotage Links
Sabotage Home
Sabotage on Twitter
Lazy Gramophone Review written by Ian Chung
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