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: valuable information directly to you about us and everything we have been doing. We aspire to fill this page with brilliance and wonder, though, on slow day, we may just end up reporting about the ducks on the ice. Whatever news we do print, one thing you can be sure of, is that we certainly will not be attempting to fill your heads with pointless opinionated political news casts.

Counting Down to the Release of Time

• Saturday 13th Apr 2013
Check in on the Lazy Gramophone clock, its hands diligently counting down to the release of our latest collaborative project: Time.

Curious Makers Time Shout-Out

• Thursday 31st Jan 2013
A big thank you to Curious Makers for their recent article about the Time Project.

The Article can be read here.

Curious Makers was set up to showcase the work of a makeshift collective of creative bods through various events, exhibitions and workshops.

Letter Pressed Valentines card

• Monday 28th Jan 2013
Celebrate your love with serious style this valentines day. Our valentines cards are letter pressed in a mottled ox-blood red ink using a vintage 72pt wooden U, then blind pressed (no ink) with 24pt Garamond metal type and then a neat little heart is dry embossed into the bottom right corner. Not as sleek and perfect as anything you'd find in Clintons, but absolutely gorgeous, tactile and unique!

Time: coming soon

• Sunday 23rd Dec 2012
Time: our latest collaborative publication. Book synopsis and teaser images. Due to be launched/published April 2013. More details to follow soon.

New Christmas cards on sale

• Sunday 11th Nov 2012
Our new 2012 Christmas cards on sale now from our online shop.

DITCH#8 Arts &Cuture Radio Show

• Monday 5th Nov 2012

Lazy Gramophone Poet Eliza Gregory talks about our up and coming Time Project and reads some of her work. She also discusses the vocals she recorded with Necro Deathmort of  Distraction Records. You can tune into Eliza by skipping to 38 minutes, after the Bo Ningen Interview. But by all means listen to the whole show, it's a real corker.

DITCH #8, is an Arts & Culture Radio show produced and presented by Nia, Tom du Croz & Pearl Wise, with guests Ana Xavier & Nico. This week features an interview with play-write Nadia Latif who has her current play on at the Arcola Theatre, Nico catches the band Bo Ningen at Rough Trade, poet Eliza Gregory joins us in the studio and reads some of her work and Paul Drury tells us about Movemeber and The Jewish Film Festival.

A small but oh so significant feature in the globally recognised Reading Chronicle.

The Concert Experience

• Wednesday 17th Oct 2012
A new project from the The Royal Philharmonic Society

As part of the Notes into Letters programme, creative-writing students (including Lazy Gramophone Writer Eliza Gregory) were asked to attend some concerts and then write a piece of creative writing based on their experiences.

Follow the news link to find out more...

LG Press at Bookface in Reading

• Sunday 14th Oct 2012
Come and see us and loads of other great small presses and artists at the Bookface event in Reading.

Missed the WCTOI Launch?

• Tuesday 4th Sep 2012
Missed the book launch of "Will Conway Tastes of Ink"? Want to be lulled to... somewhere by Will's voice, then listen here. Kindly recorded by Laurence Conway

Time teaser

• Friday 20th Jul 2012
A short trailer showing some of the illustrations, and the intro of the centre story.


• Sunday 27th May 2012
"After five years as 'London's premier spoken word night' Poejazzi relaunches with a new website, a series of apps and exciting visual collaborations."

Old friend of LG Josh Idehen hosting possibly the best spoken word/live music events in London town.

"To celebrate, we are returning to C.A.M.P with one of its finest lineups ever: WahWah45′s own Adam Scrimshire will be performing a full live band rendition of his critically acclaimed 2011 album 'The Hollow.' He is joined by Shakka- possibly the most exciting UK artist in recent years, and Cinematic Orchestra's Heidi Vogel. On the Spoken Word front, we're bringing you the quick witted, sharp eyed and humorous Alex Gwyther, and the Poetic Soundsystem brilliance that is The Insomniax."
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