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Piss Factory

• Sunday 27th May 2012
Poetry, stories and noise at This IS DIY
- Lazy Gramophone Poets Eliza Gregory, Adam Green, and Will Conway
- AF Harrold
- Snack Family

Where and When:
Thursday 21st June, 19:00 - 22:30
This is DIY at The Biscuit Factory, Drummond Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG
Piss Factory Facebook Page


• Thursday 24th May 2012
It's about "time"   #TimeProject

Rooms Mag Photo comp

• Sunday 13th May 2012
"Calling all photographers! Supremebeing is awarding the best photo entry with a £150 voucher to spend in their online-shop.Winning photo will be published in our next issue of Rooms!"


• Saturday 28th Apr 2012
Lazy Gramophone writer and artist Zoe Catherine Kendall has several events and projects in the pipeline. The first of these will be the Fabelist Stand and performances happening at the Other Art Fair in May.

For More information click the links below:

Launch Event
(in which Zoe will be perfoming spoken word to musical accompanyment).

The Main Event

The Other Art Fair Website

Latest Rooms Mag out!

• Sunday 22nd Apr 2012
Latest issue of the fantastic Rooms Magazine available now as a download or physical copy from

New Artist: Lee Holland

• Sunday 8th Apr 2012
"I am an illustrator- i love drawing pictures and cant stop!

I am obsessed with music and illustration only, this is all."

Thoughts From a Male Feminist

• Friday 6th Apr 2012
"I wrote an article for Vagenda - they came up with the title though - enjoy"~ Will Conway.

Rooms Mag latest issue

• Monday 23rd Jan 2012
A seriously good reading and viewing experience to be had right here. Peoples at Rooms are keeping up a great level of content in each issue. 

Valentines Cards ♥♥♥

• Sunday 22nd Jan 2012
New letter pressed valentines card available for purchase! Limited edition of 25.

Candid arts trust

• Saturday 21st Jan 2012
Lazy Gramophone will be represented at the Art Below art fair at the Candid arts trust this Saturday 21st January.Entry is free to the public. 10 am - 6pm, Thursday to Saturday. 10 am - 4pm on Sunday.@ The Candid Arts Centre3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ Nr. Angel Tube, Northern line.
Read more here

Claudia Forsbrey Art Cards

• Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011
The latest addition to our art card series, Claudia Forsbrey, is one of our favourite artists at the moment. Usually stunning us with her augmented-reality imagery, this set features examples of her geometric pattern-making, evoking the abstract representations of traditional South American art.  

Christmas Cards

• Monday 21st Nov 2011
Milega designed found-type Christmas cards on sale now!
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