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Don't Panic magazine interview Phil

• Wednesday 16th May 2007
Pip interviewed by Don't Panic Magazine about Lazy and sundry Read more

Stand Up, be heard - The Times

• Saturday 31st Mar 2007
LG's Gypsy Girl and Guy J Jackson featured in Holly Grigg-Spall's article 'Stand Up, be heard' for The Times.

Sam Rawlings, Earth Love Magazine

• Friday 16th Dec 2005
Sam Rawlings has had four poems accepted for publication by Earth Love Magazine. 'All I Want' will appear in issue twenty, 'In Silence' will appear in issue twenty one,'Soldiers' and 'This Place' will be included in issue twenty two. Earth Love Magazine. is born

• Friday 1st Oct 2004
The first version of our site went up on the 1st October 2004.
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