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Swansongs by Sorana Santos

• Thursday 10th Nov 2011
Sorana Sontos' next solo EP is officially released independently on Friday - 11.11.11 Visit her bandcamp page for more information.

Art Card Series updated

• Wednesday 2nd Nov 2011
More cards added to our new art card series, from Jake Ellis and Milega.

Post Apocalypse

• Tuesday 25th Oct 2011
A journey into the post apocalypse of an alternate anachronistic projection to a post human destruction. What would happen if the human world suddenly ended in the 30′s? How would the world look now, would anything survive? Post Apocalypse is an exploration of that question. Humans are gone, destroyed by nuclear or biological hubris. The world that's left is smoky and ruinous. This is an alternate future containing creatures evolving into a stylised world suddenly found empty. A story of survival, hyper evolution, mutation, glorious gas masks and deco punk themes. 
KAITLIN BECKETT...Mechanical walkers driven by masked creatures walk under a glowing sky, jars are lined up to collect precious liquids and overlapping armour plates wrap around smoking viscera. The poisonous air has necessitated quick adaptations.
ARAMAS...In a world suddenly devoid of human, animals have undergone a hyper evolution. Forced to adapt to a ruined world. The results are animals new to consciousness, struggling to make sense of this strange world, the history that created it, and the future they now have to deal with. There's new religion, old animosities, and a very human sense of curiosity and confusion. I see the bears of this world as the alternative to humans. Inheriting a past that they're trying to understand, with some very strange results. 
Rancho Notorious       25th October to the 7th of November
Opening night on Thursday the 27th of October, 6-9pm

Visit: for more info

October Newsletter

• Monday 24th Oct 2011
Read all about it! Lazy Gramophone October newsletter!
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Art Card Series: Mina Milk

• Saturday 22nd Oct 2011
The series continues with the addition Mina Milks illustrations...

Our new series of sumptuously printed Giclée art prints. We will be adding to the range as time goes on. These prints are not limited editions, but will not be around for ever!

Green Dobermans On Sale

• Monday 10th Oct 2011
Green Dobermans now on sale from our online shop.

VESSEL: Exhibition

• Sunday 9th Oct 2011
CURATED BY CARL SLATER & GLEN JOHNSTON Sited within a disused industrial space in Stonehouse, Plymouth, Vessel is a gathering of contemporary artworks showcasing the work of seventeen international artists that focuses on the particulars of their postindustrial location in its physical, socio-cultural and economic contexts. Placed between the logic of the building's architecture and the city's rich history, this is an exhibition that investigates site-specificity and the means to artistic intervention. Acting as footnotes against the backdrop of Plymouth, Vessel reveals itself as a temporal structure in a display in memory of the site and a reflective commentary of the area's historical value and contemporary redevelopment.  Housing works of installation, film, performance, photography and sculpture, it is not the architecture that forms the focus, but the ambiguous authority of the works within it. The understanding of the temporal and dynamic character of Stonehouse's landscape and the expectations of the site itself is paramount to the reception of these works. The commissioning of this derelict space is where the vessel is the ship, the carrier and a container of function and delivery. The show goes on until October 30th 2011

Rooms Magazine issue 6 out

• Monday 26th Sep 2011
Latest edition of Rooms Magazine available from our shop and from the Rooms Magazine website. Featuring an interview with Lazy Gramophone's founding members.

Liz Adams Reading

• Friday 23rd Sep 2011
Liz Adams (author of our latest publication 'Green Dobermans') will be giving a reading and will have copies of her book for sale on Thursday 29 September 7.30pm @ Chichester Library

Green Dobermans Book Launch

• Thursday 22nd Sep 2011
To celebrate the launch of our latest publication we will be holding a book launch with readings from the author and 1st edition copies of the book on sale.

Upcoming stalls

• Wednesday 7th Sep 2011
We have a stall or two coming up in the next month. We will have a small stall at the free to enter Lowbrow festival in Haggerston park this saturday 10th. We will have all our products plus art prints and t--shirts from artists Tom the Pen and Dan Prescott at the Sunday Upmarket in Brick Lane on Sunday 25th. Hope to see you there!
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