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Written by Lazy Gramophone on Saturday the 17th of July 2010

Matt Black is a long-time collaborator and member of Lazy Gramophone, contributing illustrations to our many publications, displaying work at our events - especially the successful ICA show in 2008 - as well as offering constant advice and critique. This month we have asked Matt a few questions to hopefully shed some further light on his dark arts. --- Lazy Gramophone: Chicken... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Saturday the 8th of May 2010

Will Conway has been a part of Lazy Gramophone for a number of years now. He was a contributor to The Book of Apertures and has performed at many of our live events . We are currently working on his first solo publication, a book of short stories entitled, Will Conway, Tastes of Ink. This coming Sunday (9th May) he will be performing at our newest live event, the... read more

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