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Written by Lazy Gramophone on Monday the 17th of June 2013

Five Things is a series of short journal posts introducing each of the writers and artists involved in our Time project. Since the project's inception, the idea has been to create an environment where independent writers and artists could come together in order to share their work. The result of this endeavour is a collection of stories, images and poems based around the theme of time,... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Monday the 3rd of June 2013

IT IS THROUGH 'TIME' THAT WE PAY TESTAMENT TO THE POWER OF COLLABORATION. Featuring work from fifty-five contributors, containing thirteen short stories, nineteen poems and fifty-eight pieces of artwork, Time, by Lazy Gramophone Press, is an anthology of work that pays testament to the power of collaboration. "In a time when publishers are taking fewer and fewer risks on unknown... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Wednesday the 30th of January 2013

Time is a vast collaborative book project containing short stories, poems and artwork by fifty-five contributors. Initially inspired by a discussion on gamebooks, this project has taken over three years to grow into a fully formed book. The importance of collaboration has always been central to Lazy Gramophone Press's ethos, especially the pairing of words and images. This project therefore, is... read more

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