Our News Archive for June 2011

Tastes of Ink review

• Monday 27th Jun 2011

Tastes of Ink gets a good reviewing from Brighton Lite.

Book Club

• Tuesday 21st Jun 2011

On the 27th June Karen Georghiou will begin her 'Book Club' - a regular feature in which she will interview various Lazy Gramophone writers about their published works.

The idea behind Book Club is to reveal authors' perspectives on their own publications and so questions will progress according to the chapters of each featured book.

Karen will also be offering you the chance to pitch your own questions via her Twitter page.

Once the interviews have been recorded the resulting videos will be published on our Lazy Gramophone website as well as on Karen's YouTube channel: RAGtelevision.

The first episode of Book Club will see Karen meet Will Conway in order to talk about his new book, Tastes of Ink. If you have a question for Will, simply tweet @minikaren and sign off with the hashtag 'Conway'

New Edition of Rooms Mag

• Monday 20th Jun 2011

The latest issue of Rooms Magazine is now on sale!

Opening this summer issue with a defiant cover from photographer Francesca Yorke, Rooms Magazine walks you straight into The Red Room, cranking up the heat with Andy Scott's steel work and the illustrations of a man that needs no introduction, Jeremyville [both interviewed by our very own Will Conway].

If that's not hot enough for you, why not climb inside one of Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Or you could always pay a visit to The Bee Kingdom, their glass-blowing studio is a constant hive of activity. Also in the Rooms Letterbox, Sergio Caballero talks other artistic endeavours besides nursing his brainchild SONAR festival, while BMX's favourite photographer Vincent Perraud adds a personal touch with his top ten tunes.

I bet that was too hot now, right?! So take a break and ask for an iced coffee -mine's a mojito!- when you get to the Gallery District, get comfortable, and enjoy the always diverse array of great artists Rooms have got for you in Showrooms.

The exciting news doesn't stop there. Rooms distribution frontiers keep expanding! Friends in Canada and the US will soon be able to grab a copy at their nearest bookshop and specialist retailer. Make sure you get yours!
Happy Holidays!

TFV Magazine - Issue 5

• Friday 17th Jun 2011

The wonderful people at Thirst For Vision, a quarterly online Magazine, have featured Lazy Gramophone on page 40 of their latest edition.

Do take a look at all the great work they are doing and if like us you cannot wait for the next edition, you can always check out their TFV website or follow their TFV twitter page.

'Thirst for Vision is: '...a quarterly online magazine focusing on the creative youth of today. TFV hit screens at the start of 2010 and hasn't stopped its engines since. By recruiting photographers, artists and writers from all over the world we have achieved an international fan-base. thirstforvision gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into the passion of many.'

Rooms Magazine Partnership

• Sunday 12th Jun 2011

Lazy Gramophone is enormously happy to announce that we are now in
partnership with Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine.

See our latest Journal Post to