Our Journal Archive for April 2012

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Sunday the 22nd of April 2012

Will Conway recently launched his own website. He has begun a new collection of short stories; Eat My Shorts. Each week a new story with illustration from a different artist will be posted at www.willconway.co.uk for your enjoyment. There are a number of great artists involved, some you may recognise from the pages of Lazy Gramophone. Keep your peepers peeled. read more

Written by Stacie Withers on Wednesday the 18th of April 2012

This week, the Daily Mail featured a comment piece by author, Christopher Stevens, whose son is Autistic. He was offering his opinion on Ricky Gervais' latest effort, Derek . Not that he thought it was much of an effort. 'Vile, cynical and dishonest', says Stevens, as he chastises Gervais for his decision to mock the disabled. Now, I admit up front, I didn't see Derek . I have never enjoyed... read more

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