Our Journal Archive for February 2011

Written by Will Conway on Monday the 7th of February 2011

Valentine's day eh? Ask anyone what it means and it is likely that the most interesting response you'll get is that it's the day when you have to buy your girlfriend flowers which are suddenly more expensive even though you don't usually buy flowers so you don't really know how much they actually cost anyway. Let's not pretend we're really celebrating the martyrdom of a possible priest in Roma... read more

Written by Will Conway on Tuesday the 1st of February 2011

Today I found out about Darth Vader being caught for fare-dodging on the train. The chap had changed his name for charity in 1999 when Lucasarts released the Fandom Menace. Even his wife (Sue Vader) had taken his name so I joked that maybe they had a daughter called Fairy. My Sun-style pun was not well received by my colleagues, unsurprisingly. (Go-Ogle the story if you're really interested but there's... read more

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