Our News Archive for December 2010

REM Magazine reviews Lazy Gramophone

• Monday 13th Dec 2010

REM Magazine, an international, experimental literary journal that embraces new ideas and new forms as the foundations of innovative art and writing, have written a feature about Lazy Gramophone.

To read the piece in full follow this news link.

About REM Magazine

'Think radiation. Think danger. Think radical diffusion of ideas. Forget pastoral poetry and publishable grotesque and 'pretty' prose, Rem Magazine is the ground zero for creative works that disobey, deconstruct and play.

Of course, anyone can load a website these days and call it the hub of experimental creation. Certainly, there is an ongoing struggle of what it really means to be dangerous, provocative and cutting edge. These are three words that have lost meaning over recent years as zines have enthusiastically grabbed such notions to up their commerical viability. For us, experimental is a condition or a process. Authentic, experimental ideas are those which steer us off-course, provoke new debate or have the potential to change literary and artistic values. Rem Magazine is founded upon concepts of subversion and dissection as writers search for code and meaning (or even create it) as we draw a line between defiance and commercial literature. Here at Rem, we aim to showcase such local talent in order place New Zealand's underground among international artists on the world stage. By doing so, we hope to diminish the collective nervousness, the collective embarrassment that plagues us, transforming us from a nation of individuals to a world of heros.

Duck and cover, kiddos, the rem-bomb is about to go off.

REM Website Home: http://remmagazine.net

Mr Muckworth and the Windy Valley

• Sunday 12th Dec 2010

Lazy Gramophone artist Maddie Joyce has recently completed her first book, Mr Muckworth and the Windy Valley. 

Synopsis: 'Mr Muckworth and his dog Raddish live on a tall hill looking over the windy valley. A harsh and cold winter arrives and with it brings a few surprises.' 

To preview the book follow this news link.

Maddie is a young illustrator, artist, drawer, painter and photographer from England. This is her first book and she hopes there are more to come.

Sabotage Reviews L.G.com

• Wednesday 8th Dec 2010

Sabotage Blog has reviewed our website.

Follow this news link to read the review in full.

About Sabotage:
'Sabotage likes pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, ... In other words, those ephemeral works that are often created on a small budget and distributed to a limited amount of people.

Shaded by their stockier cousins these works don't always get the thoughtful criticism, heated debates, or trolls that they deserve. Let's face it, Sabotage isn't going to solve that problem, but it would like to provide a troposphere.'

Sabotage Links
Sabotage Home
Sabotage on Twitter
Lazy Gramophone Review written by Ian Chung

L.G. Shorts Subscription

• Monday 6th Dec 2010

You can now subscribe to our Lazy Gramophone Shorts series. A subscription will cost £25 if your postal address is in the UK and £35 if you require postage to an international destination. Once you have subscribed we will send you an email confirming your subscription. This will act as a valid receipt for the following four editions of our Lazy Gramophone shorts series. Once you have subscribed there will be no further postage fees, simply sit back and wait for your books to arrive upon their release.

For more information visit our Lazy Gramophone Shop.

Liz Adams - Voiceworks

• Thursday 2nd Dec 2010

Lazy Gramophone poet Liz Adams has recently become involved with the Voiceworks project. Follow our news link to watch Liz's presentation  to the Voiceworks 2010/2011 grouping, held in Birkbeck on Tuesday October 26th 2010.

Liz Adams is currently collaborating with illustrator Dan Prescott on her first collection of poems, Green Dobermans, which will be published by Lazy Gramophone Press in 2011.