Megan Leonie Hall

"Be careful not to live too close to words and seek the truth between them"

Thank you for reading my ramblings.I think language and words are extraordinarily powerful tools for illuminating all the in-between bits, the spillages and intangibles of being alive; emotional, physical, psychological, metaphysical. Meaning is subjective. And when it's done, it doesn't belong to you anymore. Verbal alchemy is getting kicks from distilling chaotic, hot vapour into dense, oral liquor. Flavours and effects vary. If we drink the same drink at the same time then we're thinking the same think at the same time.

Welcome to my worlds. I'm grateful for your time :)
Words from Megan Leonie
  • See Shanti

    Written on 27/03/12

    Hope is a small boat.. I'm standing on the salt sand deck, On damp scars; hewn parallel through devotion. Rivulets of ocean, Run under my soles, Though I'm dry swamped in air here,... read more

  • Magic Words

    Written on 14/04/12

    You can not fuck a thought, You can not smell a word, You can not kiss an idea, You can not touch a verb. MLH.... read more

  • Mr Chimiwenga

    Written on 14/04/12

    Mr.Chimiwenga has the solutions to all your problems. Are you asking yourself any of these questions? Do you work hard and never seem to get anywhere? Are you in financial need and want... read more

  • Manimalism

    Written on 14/04/12

    There's a hush and a wonderment, to know the animal is powerless, infertile, dependent, trussed and bound, fat and muscle stopped; white and bursting between the ropes. ... read more

  • Breach

    Written on 14/04/12

    Trilling, shrilling silent servant, So much weight, For the bough to break. Solomon feel, The bend of steel, Sit and wait and wait and wait. Child walks alley,... read more

  • Great Wings

    Written on 14/04/12

    The source that runs beneath the word, Trickles through the gate unheard, By man-machine of drudge reborn Or soldier bred to battle dawn, Dwindles sadly soon... read more

  • Old Story Gone

    Written on 15/04/12

    So as my equilibrium distorts And I want to know the equation not just the resolve of no resolve. I tightly slip into your pores and soak up sweats of lies oblivious. ... read more

  • Ouroboros

    Written on 17/04/12

    I had no intention to return to you. I always knew I would arrive here. I walked three hundred miles, To slough away your structure. I pilgrimaged from east to west, Through... read more