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Written by Megan Leonie Hall on Saturday the 14th of April 2012
Trilling, shrilling silent servant,

So much weight,

For the bough to break.

Solomon feel,

The bend of steel,

Sit and wait and wait and wait.

Child walks alley, kicking my cliches.

Rumbling god, scattering fools.

Tired child of curveless endings,

Sickening, stupor soiled gathering pools.

Deliver a sliver of that which is lost,

Seek it for hunting.Seek it for chase,

Growl me,re-tongue me,wrap thickets about me,

Trace with unease the degrees of my face.

Quickens hot tempo; swills up portamento,

savagely faking the rebirth we got,

Some skulk away into awning of scarlet,

People like mine scheme the silence to rot.