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Old Story Gone

Written by Megan Leonie Hall on Sunday the 15th of April 2012

So as my equilibrium distorts

And I want to know the equation

not just the resolve of no resolve.

I tightly slip into your pores

and soak up sweats of lies oblivious.

At one moment,your tongue inside my lung;

I'm a diode, switch me on.

Unravel hair,let's try our bodies on.

Soon we are lounging in cushioning apathy

Guilty, but not for the reasons we give.

Hungry and running, ashamed to be naked.

Afeared to lie down in the grave bed with truth

that I'll tend my wounds as you tender to yours.

Now commence onslaught of mindless obsessions,

obsequious details,consume my soul with

some addled versions of why I feel fragile..

The gargoyle birds sing tidings of

endless questions; binary aviaries, ranting,incessantly,

To lead me on;

making feelings run through objects.

Here I flourish, here I die.

There is never a total truth told by another.

We always hear car doors slamming outside.

Rumbles in the hearth and cellar.

An unarmed love has many eyes.