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Written by Megan Leonie Hall on Saturday the 14th of April 2012
There's a hush and a wonderment,

to know the animal is powerless,

infertile, dependent, trussed and bound,

fat and muscle stopped; white and bursting

between the ropes.

And the axe is heavy and shaped like a rose.

There's blooding running juicily from its' nose.

I set it free! Releasing a deep relieved snort.

It stays exactly there.

It doesn't even want to go anywhere!

It nibbles and buffets itself.

It almost climbed inside me for a while.

I beat it gently till it lay down.

Well, stupid animal,you make me cry

and laugh to smell you near.

My smallest child will hold you,

tend the welts and soothe your shakingness.

You will be free to roam and gore,

and I expect I'll even fall in love with you.

We could get married and live in pen and field.

You could nuzzle my neck while i comb your hair.

Your dear..your dirty, wild fur.

I remember the weight of an axe for a reason.

How I hate this hollow season.

AND THEN...................

Bestial dreams do wear me thin,

The night brings lovers,

Wrapped half in damask,

Part silken other.

I query the resting of the head.

The slam of our hips

And I swim in the bed.

And all the things that leave unsaid,

Shake me sideways into sadness.

Not that I regret my badness.

Letting you love me is madness.

Soon as the scars clear,

I am running like hot slake,

Down another slope.

To drip down sanely to the plain.

My body needs the cool of rain,

And not the fleshy lovers' game.