Written by Sam Rawlings on Sunday the 24th of January 2010

Her blonde pours from the great doors
and from the windows, falls
from the lamps hung like my head
at this hour,
carves a path straight through the absence of light.
Not a single car nor even a voice,
only my shadows sow time tonight.

The air rakes at my feet as I drag them
through the invisible scores of braced eyes
all been planted deep within our history.
A mutany of mind.

It's soft the sunlight but cold and so old
and it sings while this morning attempts to rise
lullabies above the slow forming crowds.
Inside my distance I sit. Wait once again
watch hidden by tired. Have been given
another day on which to pray that I'll find you.

'Oxford' can be found within Sam
Rawlings' book of poetry Circle Time, which is currently available from
the Lazy Gramophone Shop. To read more about Circle Time click here.

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Title: 'Oxford' by Sam Rawlings
By: Astaeric
Lazy Says: 'Oxford' by Sam Rawlings
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