Our Journal Archive for September 2010

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Saturday the 18th of September 2010

Much to London Borough Council's dismay we have been plastering LG stickers all around London and, indeed, around the world for the last few years. In honour of this, we are running a little competition to reward those of you with eagle eyes. If you see one of our stickers whilst out and about, just take a picture of it and email it to stickers@lazygramophone.com along with your address and the sticker's... read more

Written by Sam Rawlings on Thursday the 9th of September 2010

This journal is the forth in a series of pieces I expect to write about those certain 'elements' of life that inspire and influence my writing. I think it's important to acknowledge these elements, as essentially they represent the root of our craft, they are the seeds that precede the fruit of our labour, the 'components' without which our thoughts, our images, our music, our words, simply would not... read more

Written by Tom Harris on Monday the 6th of September 2010

More or less speaks for itself there really, in the title. I did some illo (I think that's what I'm gonna call it for a while, 'illo') for a now bearded Marmaduke Dando's excellent new album 'Heathcliffian Surly'. Look, if you don't believe me here's his website: marmadukedando.com Not that that proves anything really.... read more

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