Our Journal Archive for August 2010

Written by Will Conway on Wednesday the 25th of August 2010

There's a fridge magnet in my kitchen which depicts a finger with a bow tied round and declares 'If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.' I noticed it as I put some milk away while making a couple of cups of tea. Taking one of the brews to my housemate I saw on her bookshelf a blue spine boasting 'ways to improve your memory.' This struck a chord within me. I had never thought... read more

Written by Mr Black on Tuesday the 10th of August 2010

Short, honest reviews you can rely on (as much as the government). Paranormal Activity (2007) "As far as couples home movies go, this is a bit lame. The upside of it all is that you get a choice of 3 outcomes" 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) "In space no one can hear you snore" Crash (1996) "There's something for everyone here" Trainspotting (1996) "My opinion... read more

Written by Sam Rawlings on Monday the 9th of August 2010

(Title image: Space, by Lee Miller) This journal is the third in a series of pieces I expect to write about those certain 'elements' of life that inspire and influence my writing. I think it's important to acknowledge these elements, as essentially they represent the root of our craft, they are the seeds that precede the fruit of our labour, the 'components' without which our thoughts, our images,... read more

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