Written by Mr Black on Tuesday the 10th of August 2010

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Paranormal Activity (2007)
 "As far as couples home movies go, this is a bit lame.
 The upside of it all is that you get a choice of 3 outcomes"

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

"In space no one can hear you snore"

Crash (1996)
 "There's something for everyone here"

Trainspotting (1996)
"My opinion of this film is biased due to a gross misunderstanding"

Dancer in the Dark (2008)

"A rollicking frolicking musical"

Jacob's Ladder (1990)
"Even Macaulay Culkin can't salvage this predictable farce about a man's dying moments"

Shaft (1971)
"My opinion of this film is biased due to a gross misunderstanding"

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Dear Mr Black, I am currently in contemplation over whether or not to partake in the watching of Hard Boiled (1992). What are your thoughts? I eagerly await your response.
Jenkins Jenkins19/07/10 10:35am
I have to be honest, I haven't yet had the pleasure/misfortune of viewing this film. What I will say is that 1992 was a good year for movies: HouseSitter, Poison Ivy (wow), Pet Sematary name but a few. You can't go wrong really.
Mr Black 19/07/10 2:55pm

I love, "Don't Look Now". Recently saw a special with David Suchet travelling on the Orient Express. He stopped in Venice and they actually filmed someone running through the streets of Venice in a red raincoat. Had to be deliberate.
Poetikat Poetikat17/07/10 11:25pm
I've been to Venice a number of times and each time I've had trouble navigating my way through freaks wearing red raincoats. I believe that they think it’s going to save them when the city goes under.
Mr Black 19/07/10 3:12pm

Irreversible review!!!!!!
george george17/07/10 6:45pm
Glad that you agree!!!!!!
Mr Black 19/07/10 3:18pm
We thought long and hard about it and after much deliberation, various conferences, meetings and discussions we have decided to shut down and close comments for this particular Journal (sorry about that).
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