Our Journal Archive for July 2011

Written by Will Conway on Sunday the 10th of July 2011

I don't read the news very much. Sadly I have heard of the Sun and the News of the World and all these other vitriolic printed bog rolls. They are everywhere. I'm not just talking about the physical waste paper on the buses and in the gutters, but that mental litter that is a little harder to dispose of or recycle. The ideas planted in the heads of the public are hard to shake. Although we may forget... read more

Written by Danny on Monday the 4th of July 2011

We are preparing for our next release in the LG shorts series of illustrations and prose; to be published in a limited edition this Autumn. To start the process off we are running a competition for the theme of this 3rd book to be chosen. The chosen theme/title from all the entries will be the basis of the collaborative work within the booklet. The winning entry will receive a free copy of the book... read more

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