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Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Sunday the 12th of June 2011

Lazy Gramophone is enormously happy to announce that we are now in partnership with Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine . Like us, Rooms Magazine is: ' ...an independent and open organisation based in London, with the main objective to facillitate better connections between the art community and the wider public. In Rooms we are working on a series of projects with the intention of providing an easy link for interchange,... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Saturday the 30th of January 2010

"A Handsomely produced Book (The Book of Apertures).” - Philip Pullman "I love Lazy Gramophone, you're doing terrific work.” - Terri Windling "In a time when publishers are taking fewer and fewer risks on unknown writers, Lazy Gramophone are to be applauded for giving their collective a chance to shine.” - Litro Magazine... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Thursday the 28th of January 2010

Lazy Gramophone Press is a strong supporter of independent bookshops and has made many valuable links with stores both inside and outside of London. If you want to find a Lazy Gramophone Press Publication, we encourage you to explore your local bookshop. Approximately 121,000 new book titles were published in the UK in 2008, and with only a small percentage of those books being stocked by... read more

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