Our Journal Archive for June 2011

Written by Sam Rawlings on Thursday the 16th of June 2011

Introduction Over the last few months I have been working with my good friend Paul Bloom on an idea called 'The Land of Phutt' . Our initial plan was to build a blog and each month use it to peer deeper and deeper into this mysterious land - so slowly revealing more about our hero, the landscape and the strange creatures that surround him. We therefore set to work - I composing plot lines and he composing... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Sunday the 12th of June 2011

Lazy Gramophone is enormously happy to announce that we are now in partnership with Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine . Like us, Rooms Magazine is: ' ...an independent and open organisation based in London, with the main objective to facillitate better connections between the art community and the wider public. In Rooms we are working on a series of projects with the intention of providing an easy link for interchange,... read more

Written by Sorana Santos on Saturday the 11th of June 2011

F ado is an oral tradition of speculative origin. Though widely accepted as evolving from the songs of the Moors due to their inherent melancholy, but equally thought to have evolved from either the Lundum music of Brazillian slaves or the Cantigas de Amigo of middle-age minstrels ( www.fado.com ), it is strange that any claim of authenticity even developed, however a new breed of ... read more

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