Our Journal Archive for January 2011

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Thursday the 27th of January 2011

You can now subscribe to our Lazy Gramophone Shorts series. A subscription will cost £25 if your postal address is in the UK and £35 if you require postage to an international destination. Once you have subscribed we will send you an email confirming your subscription. This will act as a valid receipt for the following four editions of our Lazy Gramophone shorts series. Once you have subscribed... read more

Written by Will Conway on Thursday the 20th of January 2011

(I just found this on my computer so I thought I'd post it) I was pestered by dreams last night of incorrect passwords and screens freezing, as well as spooning an ex girlfriend but not having sex. I couldn't get the screen lock off my mobile to make an important call and my computer was not working. There were flashes of dystopian shopping centres and automated services as well as locked doors... read more

Written by Erin Norman on Monday the 10th of January 2011

I'll tell you what's futile. Writing a review of an album that came out in 2004 when its 2011. But being a child spawned of the Sex Pistols, Tori Amos and The Smiths I came to Eminem late and drip fed. When I began to give him my attention, I realised Eminem was raps answer to Morrissey, and I'm a sucker for a primal beat so I became a fan pretty quickly. I digest one album at a time; Eminem's Encore... read more

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