Guilt: production

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Monday the 11th of October 2010

Lazy Gramophone Shorts:

Quasi-quarterly collections of illustrated short stories and verse.

The second in our Lazy Gramophone Shorts Series, 'Guilt' is in production at the moment and due for release on October 30th at our stall in Brick Lane. Like the first in the series, 'Skeletons in the Closet', this booklet is the collaborative effort of seven writers and illustrators. We set a theme and then ask Lazy Gramophone members and two competition winners to create a piece of work based on or inspired by the theme. With 'Skeletons', the writers started and then passed their story to an illustrator to visually interpret. With 'Guilt', we asked the illustrators to start and then passed the images to the writers to interpret.

We have created the LG Shorts Series in order to encourage collaboration between our members and outsiders, and to increase the sense of community here at Lazy Gramophone. With all the production done in house, these booklets are conceived, content collated and printed, within 6-8 weeks. We are currently publishing 1-2 official releases a year but relish these 'quicker' projects that yield fantastic work from the amazing artists involved. We produce them in small numbers which also adds to the beauty of it all as, before you know it, the big pile is soon reduced to one personal copy.

Another reason to produce these booklets is to indulge ourselves and to utilise the printing equipment we own. The cover has been beautifully pressed using metal type and metal plates made from illustrations. The infamous Jon Cox has created a witty tableaux that adorns the cover - pressed in gold metallic ink - that sums up the theme in a pithy manner. The back cover has the synopsis set in 12pt Monotype Garamond Roman and our logo pressed in black ink. Each edition is numbered from 1-50 with red ink.

Dan Prescott is at this very moment setting the text inside. With years of experience and razor sharp level of quality, Dan takes great care over the formatting of the text. Beautiful design is easy on the eye and not always noticed, bad design jumps out at anyone, whether versed in that particular field of design or not. With text it is incredibly important that the lines run smoothly and that your eye can float along uninterruputed. 

Guilt features the work of Rupert Munck, Andrew Walter, Henrik Aeshna, Matt Black, Erin Norman, Tom Harris, Vincent J Prince, Jake Ellis, Guy J Jackson, Amanda Holiday, Will Conway, Sophie Webb, Hannah Stephenson and Nikki Pinder. All these artists and writers, except a few, can be found on our
artists page.

As mentioned above we will be releasing 'Guilt' for sale in Brick Lane on October 30th after which any remaining copies will be on sale from our online shop.
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Title: Lazy Gramophone Shorts: Guilt
By: LazyGramophone
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