Frances K Wolfe

blood and ink

I am Frances K Wolfe. I like arranging flowers and shooting guns. I can throw knives and apparently I look like a husky.
Words from Frances K
  • Cameron's Big Society

    Written on 15/08/11

    *I wrote this scene when Cameron announced his plans to cut University funding. I saw a legacy in the not so distant future of disguarded youth, left with nothing else to do but riot and rot... read more

  • Diary of MM

    Written on 27/08/11

    Everything don't promise me nothing. God, these feelings, I'm awake again after a September of sleep. Hold me. Hold me in the rain, rain pouring from your hands. Don't want to sleep anymore.... read more

  • Wolfguts Sample

    Written on 17/10/11

    This is a sample of what I wrote for the Royal Court. It's about a rapist and the girl he raped who end up writing letters to each other. I smoked a bit too much weed and threw in some demons... read more