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Diary of MM

Written by Frances K Wolfe on Saturday the 27th of August 2011
Everything don't
promise me nothing. God, these feelings, I'm awake again after a September of
sleep. Hold me. Hold me in the rain, rain pouring from your hands. Don't want
to sleep anymore. I am who I am. Defence, defence, this is what I have. But I
hold you in the cradle of my arms, I'll protect you, I'll fight, I'll fall, I
will sleep again. All the snow and rain and broken limbs, how did they rebuild?
We reach another fall. The confetti of weddings turns to greying leaves. 

The Church bells
resound their chorus, silent now as the sun sleeps. But here I am. And here you
are. Mistake or fate, and fallen trees and open oceans. Tonight, tonight. This
is what there is; love, plays and pill bottles open on the counter. I can't
catch you.

I'll fall into the
arms of some other, but you will be in my slumber, open and revealing/ all the
misfortunes of healing/ I promise you, I promise you. How you touch, how you
smell, welcome September/ this is my wishing well/ Oh not now, do we rest...I
will fail, I will fail this test.

And then I'll reopen,
springs starts anew, from the beginning of my rebuilding, it was simply,
always, you. Old lover in the parking lot, came to meet a barrel promise
reunion, but that light fell to dusk/ And I fell to change/ and there you
stood/ in the pouring rain