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Written by Zoe Catherine Kendall on Thursday the 25th of November 2010
Looking for you...
I miss 'you' 

It's a chronic condition accompanied by a melancholic feeling which is often surpressed, and it's something just for myself. You are a billion light years away, somewhere foreign and beyond my reach. You, out there living just like me, journeying as you must, obliged to present yourself in the current time frame, responsible for your own meanderings, busy exploring alternate dimensions, chasing shadows as you go.

You, my parent, my lover and myself reflected outwards. You are a projection of my past, and you are so much more. You are life lived out in other phases of the moon, you are chocolate water running through streams of irish blood. You are french, norwegian, rwandese. You are english, irish and chinese. You biked through dreams to fathom me, I followed you, eager to be found. We were once like one, we were free to be, together chasing the lighted wand, the cigarette you passed to me; lingering between our lips, it billowed and the smoke exhaled. We were united before we split, we were wandering up and down and like partisans, we lost our origins.
I have seen many others in the nights that have passed between. Shapes moving across walls have shown that life goes on, and on and on, and shown also that it is you I miss, it is you I am grieving still.

And then one day, I find you again, someplace else, you look different, there is promise in your new found face, showing no signs of having been exhumed from the grave, you are tracing the patterns of my breath as it hangs in the air between us, and suddenly, just like that, we are both redeemed...